White Pine Touring Voted Best Bike Shop in Northern Utah

White Pine Touring Voted Best Bike Shop in Northern Utah

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The locals have spoken and White Pine Touring is officially the best bike shop in northern Utah. In a survey conducted by The Active Times, White Pine achieved a top ranking among “America’s 50 Best Bike Shops for 2013.” Located in Park City, Utah and part of the Jan’s family of retail stores, White Pine Touring was described by one reader as, “a local’s shop with a down-to-earth feel and respected expertise.”

Since the objective of the survey was to recognize bike shops that were considered “the hub of the cycling community,” we’re pretty stoked with our ranking. Read on to discover why The Active Times called White Pine Touring, “not just a stellar bike shop, but a full service outfitter – and more.”

The Best Bike Shops – What It Takes:
From an original list of 80 bike shops in 30 different states, The Active Times determined the best bike shops in America. The data was collected based on 2,500 votes from readers and locals across the country. Other than being independently owned, the top bike shops all exemplified superior service, biking advocacy and a commitment to the local cycling community.

These traits apply to White Pine Touring and not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because, quite frankly, it’s what we do. Our bike techs tune hundreds of bikes a year, including those of the pros when they’re in town for the Tour of Utah. In terms of biking advocacy, Jans and White Pine Touring were instrumental in getting Park City named the first International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Gold Level Ride Center because of the area’s 400+ miles of biking trails. And White Pine sponsors free guided weekly mountain bike rides every summer. We even throw in a free barbeque on the last ride of every month. If it sounds like we live and breathe bikes, it’s because we do.

White Pine Touring – What Makes It Special:
So how did White Pine make the list? Turns out we have a bit of a reputation. Not only as an excellent bike shop, but also as a highly respected guide service. In addition to  guided bike trips throughout Park City, we also offer climbing, fly fishing, hiking and Nordic skiing tours as well. As one reader commented “they are more than just the local outfitter for the best equipment in our town. White Pine Touring has helped build, shape, and influence Park City into the amazing place for riding that it is today!”

Our location also helped with our top 25 ranking. One reader declared that, “White Pine Touring is perfectly located along Park City’s Rail Trail, which connects to Park City’s vast trail system.” Another appreciated the fact that, “White Pine has group rides, great trail access, a really cool and tight-knit staff that has worked together for years and, of course, lots of awesome bikes!”

And while mountain biking seems to be the focus in a town with almost too many singletrack trails to count, readers were impressed with our staff and how they “are all extremely knowledgeable and willing to help; can service and outfit any kind of bike – road, mountain or cruiser.”

At White Pine, we want to be your local bike shop. So stop in and visit our team of experts and see for yourself why we were ranked the best bike shop in northern Utah.

Liz Yokubison
Senior Editor