Where to Rent Skis in Park City – Avoid Long Lines

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Where should you rent skis in Park City, Utah? Well Jans of course! And here’s why…

Quality Rental Skis
The rental skis at most ski shops are bought specifically as rental fleets, and designed to be either overly durable (read: clunky) to withstand years of abuse, or overly flimsy with the idea that it’s not worth putting much into them since they’re “just” rentals and they’ll soon be replaced. Neither option is an ideal choice for skiing enjoyment.

We know the right equipment can make a huge difference in your ski day. So instead of buying rental skis, Jans buys real performance skis to offer for rental.

Jans offers Sport rental packages with forgiving, easy-turning skis that are ideal for leisurely and entry-level skiers looking to enjoy groomed runs. Jans also offers High Performance rental packages that include top models of highly technical skis that are made to be responsive and hard-charging.

Why Rent Skis If You Have Your Own?
Renting skis isn’t just for occasional skiers and those who are just starting out with the sport. Many people choose to rent skis even when they have their own, simply because of the convenience. When you rent skis, you don’t have to worry about lugging your own ski equipment through the airport, paying extra baggage fees, and the potential of damage to your property.

Test Ski Program
If you’re in the market for new skis or are just interested in trying out specific models, then check out the Jans test ski program. Whether you’re interested in carving skis, powder skis, or all mountain skis, we have a wide selection for you to choose from. Our fleet of test skis includes each model that we sell, so you can try before you buy, and feel confident in your ski purchase.

Quality Ski Tunes
At Jans, your rental and demo skis will be freshly tuned for the current Utah snow conditions. Our team of expert ski techs also tune skis for pro racers, and for ski manufacturers before the magazines test them. With our reliable reputation, you know that you will get the right tune, every time. And if you’re renting or testing for multiple days, you can bring your skis in for a touchup wax any time throughout your ski vacation.

Where to Rent Skis in Park City
For the convenience of our customers, Jans offers ski rentals at three locations: at our flagship store on Park Avenue, and at our St. Regis Deer Valley store (please note, rental services at the St. Regis are reserved for hotel guests).

Our online rental reservation program helps you get out on the slopes earlier in the day by allowing us to have your equipment ready and waiting for you when you arrive at one of our three rental locations. This way you can avoid the hassle of standing in long lines in a maze-like environment at the resorts.

Jans also makes things extra easy for multi-day rentals by offering to keep your skis at the rental shop overnight so that you don’t have to schlep your ski equipment back and forth each day of your ski vacation. This way, it’s actually simpler to rent than to bring your own equipment.

Kendall Fischer, Content Writer