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What You Need in a Fly Fishing Cooler – A Yeti

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The banter among fellow anglers is made even more enjoyable as wading boots are removed and stories of missed strikes and landed trout are retold. One of the best memories you can have after a day of fly fishing involves reaching into a cooler and pulling out an ice cold can that contains the nectar of the gods. For some reason, it is at this moment that everything tastes better. And that is why a reliable fly fishing cooler should be considered a required piece of equipment.

Fisherman stands in river behind yeti cooloer

Wildly Stronger – Keep Ice Longer

I am not going to say that you have to have a specific piece of gear in most circumstances. I have always believed that if you are enjoying yourself and catching fish then you are doing it right. However, exceptions to this rule do exist. While you can get by without a lot of fly fishing accessories, one area I have learned not to skimp is with my cooler.

As a guide who spends over 100 days a year on the water with clients, I have eaten soggy sandwiches, had cooler lids blown off in transit, and experienced broken drain plugs. If I get all the way to lunch and still have good ice during Utah’s desert summers, it was just short of a Christmas miracle. That all changed with my Yeti cooler. The tagline “Wildly stronger! Keep ice longer!” is the truth when it comes to these coolers. Yeti coolers are made with the same process as whitewater kayaks and use rotational-molding which makes them uniform, strong and durable. The extra thick two inch insulation of the walls and lid of the cooler, combined with a freezer-style gasket, keeps the cold inside.

What Separates Yeti Coolers From Other Coolers?

Yetis are made tough to endure all the abuse that those who live in the outdoors can dish out. They are compatible with dry ice, which allows you to stay out on the river twice as long. Plus these fly fishing coolers give you the assurance that your beverages or food will still be cold (and dry) when you’re ready for lunch or a post fly fishing beverage. Yeti coolers also have a myriad of features. The NeverFail hinge won’t over extend and break and will keep your lid on the cooler where it belongs.

AnchorPoint tie down slots make strapping it to a trailer, ATV, boat, or vehicle easy and also keep the strap where you need it. Yeti’s LipGrip handles are molded to allow for easy transport while the DoubleHaul handles on the Tundra model make transport simple for fly fishing buddies. T-Rex lid latches keep the lid closed and if you throw on a lock through the molded-in padlock holes on the Tundra, your Yeti is now certified as a bear-resistant container. The Vortex drain system has a gasket drain plug and a sloped floor to keep the water in when you want it and easily dispensable when you don’t. Lastly, Yetis come with BearFoot non-slip feet which keep the cooler in place, whether on a boat or in your truck.

fishing net on top of yeti cooler

Grab a Yeti

The bottom line on Yeti coolers is that they keep your drinks colder longer, are built super tough, have great features, and come in a lot of different sizes to fit your needs. Make the end of your fly fishing trip and lunch breaks a continuation of a great time outdoors. Stop by Jans on Park Avenue and take home the last cooler you will ever buy. And be sure to grab another one for the boat.

Travis Jay Vernon, Fly Fishing Guide & Sales Associate