What Are the Best Beginner Skis for Women?

Are you a woman skier looking to get into the sport? There’s never been a better time. More and more women’s skis are entering the market that make it both easy and fun for beginner skiers trying to hone their skills in a new sport. Many beginners think that they don’t yet possess the ability level that warrants the purchase of their own pair of skis. But, if you’re serious about wanting to improve not only your ski technique, but also your level of skiing, you’ll definitely want to invest in your own equipment.

Choosing a ski that will fulfill the needs of a beginner skier is not as easy as it may seem. On the one hand, the ski needs to be soft and forgiving enough to allow developing skiers to gain confidence. On the other,if the ski is too much of a noodle, meaning that it is too soft, any progress out on the hill will quickly outmatch the performance capabilities of the ski. The key is to choose a pair of skis that can keep up with your development as a skier, and provide a satisfying ride for seasons to come.

At Jans we test over 140 pairs of skis a year to determine the best options based on ability level, terrain, and skiing style. Here are a few of our favorite beginner skis for women:

K2 SuperFree

As a whole, K2’s line of women’s specific skis is extremely forgiving. With a wood core, and K2’s All-Terrain Rocker, the K2 SuperFree provides the easy turn initiation and friendly handling that benefits beginner skiers. A versatile waist width of 76 mm, meanwhile, means that the SuperFree isn’t completely lost when developing skiers want to start exploring varied terrain. Throw in a very modest price tag, and you can to see why the K2 SuperFree is a top selling women’s beginner ski.

Atomic Cloud 9

When talking about skis that readily fulfill the needs of both beginner and intermediate skiers, the Cloud 9 is the first one that comes to mind. This system ski comes with Atomic’s XTE 10 bindings, and features Piste Rocker in the tip. The result is a women’s all mountain ski that links together smooth and easy turns through a wide range of conditions. Slightly “livelier” than the SuperFree, the Cloud 9 is best put to use by women who have learned to confidently pull their skis up on edge.

Head Mya No. 6

Also a system ski, the Mya No. 6 provides the smooth and predictable ride that helps beginner skiers gain confidence out on the hill. At 79 mm underfoot, and with a 20% tip rocker profile, this ski comes the closest of the three mentioned to boasting true all mountain capability. Forgiving enough for complete beginners, yet playful enough to entertain intermediates, the Mya No. 6 is one of our favorites to recommend for the first time female ski buyer.

By no means the only skis out there for beginner women skiers, these are just three models that continue to impress from season to season. The only way to truly know if one of these skis is right for you is to swing by Jans and take advantage of our ski test program.

Nate Tomlinson, Content Writer

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