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UGG Australia makes more than classic sheepskin boots? | Suave men’s UGG slippers

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We all know about the classic UGG boot, but – surprise – UGG makes numerous other styles of shoes as well!

Classic UGG boots
First off there’s the classic UGG boot in short and long. This popular Australian boot style is iconic and comfortable and comes in a zillion colors and also with cute style details like the Bailey button (pictured above).

UGGs for real winter
UGG made their United States debut in surf shops of sunny southern California where winter doesn’t usually include snow. For harsher climates like the mountain west, UGG Australia has switched it all up with a much more hard core design: fully waterproof with a rubber outsole with traction tread and a wool insole for superior warmth, featured in UGG boots such as the Baroness and the Marrais.

UGGs of all kinds
Beyond that, UGG actually makes pretty much every type of shoe including sandals, wedges, street shoes, dress shoes, and more.

UGG men’s slippers
But to get to the point of the story, UGG men’s slippers are super classy and all about laid back luxury with their cozy, moisture wicking sheepskin linings. Well made with attention to detail, UGG men’s slippers come in a variety of models.

As far as style, the UGG Scuff is a pretty standard men’s slipper. The UGG Ascot is the next step up in classiness. And I personally love men’s moccasin slippers, having gone through a yearlong phase where they were all I wore, so of course I’m a fan of the UGG Olsen.

But my real favorites from the UGG men’s slipper collection are the UGG Lewiston with its dress shoe look, and the UGG Byron with its boat shoe style.

In fact, the UGG Byron men’s slipper is probably the best looking men’s slipper I’ve ever seen. It can easily pass for a “real” shoe. Cozy to wear at home, and sturdy with a molded rubber outsole for flexibility and grip out on the street, the UGG Byron has a refined finish with leather lace detailing.

The casual suaveness of the UGG Byron men’s slipper could be yours; find it at JANS.

– Kendall Fischer, Content Writer

Please note: this post was originally published on March 4, 2013, and may be outdated.