The Making of Our TV Commercials

The Making of Our TV Commercials

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This ski season, the team decided to try something a little different. We created a series of three TV ads to run on our local television station, PCTV, and also on our website.

Instead of looking like ads from a local ski shop, we wanted to take the creative up a notch by showcasing the Jans demo program in a way that told a story about each of our expert ski testers. The intent was to give the ads a personal vibe while showing that the Jans test team actually tests every pair of skis that we sell in our stores.

Our first ad features Jans PCMR Store Manager, Stephanie Humes, who happens to be a ski tester not only for Jans, but also for the “bible” of new ski gear, SKI Magazine. When we showed the final cut to the powers that be, the main criticism was that it looked too much like a ski manufacturer TV spot. As a creative team, we considered this to be high praise. We’re pretty happy with how the ad turned out and hope you agree.

Stay tuned for the next advertisement in this series, which is in already in production. It features Jans’ expert ski tuner and tester Erik Boller, who is a bit of an icon around Park City.

Jans Creative Team:
Ross Downard, Art Director & Videographer
Mike Schirf, Videographer
Nate Tomlinson, Script Writer
Liz Yokubison, Creative Director