The Making of a Bogner Jacket

The Making of a Bogner Jacket

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The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for,’ holds true in the case of Bogner ski jackets. High quality materials, great attention to detail, and an impressive amount of time dedicated to design and creation go into the making of a Bogner jacket. The result is exclusive fashion with luxury touches and an enthusiasm for the sport that results in a technical piece of ski apparel that is a cut above the rest – truly a worthwhile investment.

High Quality Materials
The exteriors and linings of Bogner jackets are made of performance materials, scientifically developed and carefully tested. The various components, deniers, weaves, treatments, and coatings are all chosen specifically for optimum performance in each particular garment.

The pure white goose down insulation in a Bogner ski jacket is filled to the perfect level, ensuring that the jacket is light, warm, and comfortable to wear. The filigree structures of each soft feather expand, creating space which traps warm air in order to insulate your body, keeping you comfortable, even in bitter cold. Classic Bogner down jackets are made with a five layer construction which includes a waterproof and breathable ski taffeta exterior, a breathable lining, and light down filling, sandwiched between two layers of nylon baffle for shape.

In addition to the performance aspect, Bogner’s style components are also taken seriously. For example, the high quality real fur trims available on some Bogner jackets all comply with international laws and with guidelines on the protection of the species and of the environment. These beautifully rich looking furs have a wonderfully soft feel that adds that extra special touch.

Attention to Detail
Bogner places high value on intelligent details that make sense for sport and for fashion. For example, their waterproof zippers have a special coating that prevents moisture from seeping through, while also serving as style accents. The center zippers on both their men’s and women’s jackets zip on the left side, keeping with the classic design that dates back to the early days of Bogner when many of their customers had personal dressers, and the left side was easier for them to zip.

Some details, however, are for purely aesthetic purposes. For instance, the Swarovski crystals reflect light into a myriad of sparkling points, adding glamour to select women’s Bogner jackets and baselayers. Applied precisely in a labor intensive process that is done partly by hand, these Austrian crystals provide an element of exceptional style with their brilliant glimmer.

Dedicated Time
The making of a Bogner Jacket requires not only superior design and fine components, but also a tremendous amount of time.

Take, for example, the Bogner Juana-D Jacket. The making of just one of these fashionable women’s ski jackets requires 25 minutes of cutting time, 476 minutes of sewing (and 1300 meters of sewing yarn), 190 minutes of embroidery work (and 1549 meters of embroidery yarn), 6 minutes of ironing, and 7 minutes of attention given to quality control. The total time to create this piece is 11 hours and 44 minutes.

To put this in perspective, the average non-Bogner ski jacket takes only 20 to 60 minutes of total time to complete.

Each Bogner ski jacket is built on years of tradition for a refined fit, look, and feel. When you pull on a Bogner jacket, or even when you see one on the ski slopes or around town, the distinctive luxury is immediately apparent. The quality of the materials, the attention to detail, the functional performance, and the polished style all add up to a product that is unmistakably Bogner.

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Kendall Fischer, Content Writer