The Experts Ski Them All - For You

The Experts Ski Them All – For You

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For three days at the start of each ski season, the Jans Mountain Recreation Experts head to the ideally varied terrain of Deer Valley to test a new lineup of skis. It’s an exhausting marathon of all shapes, widths, and lengths, but a tradition that allows the Experts at Jans to confidently help our customers find the ski that is right for them. With over 100 skis on the wall from 10 unique brands, maintaining personal experience with each ski is no easy task. From first chair, to last, the Test Days are focused, critical, and based entirely on drawing out exactly what type of skier each ski will benefit.

Even within a stellar overall lineup of skis, there are always models that stand out from the rest. Each season it seems as though a new brand steps up to the plate and hits a homerun. This year – Kastle and Atomic. Next year – who knows?

It’s what makes the staff test days so important, and ultimately, what keeps the ski industry progressing. And with that progression, it’s we the skiers who benefit the most.

But you want to hear from the Experts themselves, so here’s a sampling of their opinions from Test Day:

Did any ski steal the show for you?

Stephanie Humes, Manager, Jans PCMR
I don’t like to play favorites, but the Kastle MX 83 in the 173 cm length could do no wrong.

George “Squid” Sideris, Hard Goods Buyer
The shining star for me was the Kastle MX 88, which I found to be highly powerful, exceptionally sensitive and most responsive, and has no rocker or built in dampeners so it’s just a well built and fun ski. It had a unique feel to it that I haven’t felt on any other ski in my 48 years of skiing, so it was really a standout among a lot of good skis that we tested

Chris “Wis” Wistner, Manager, Jans Park Ave
The Kastle MX 88. It’s smooth and powerful.

Ski you’re most excited to ride during the next big storm?

The K2 MissDirected. It will rock your world in the powder.

The Atomic Access. It has a playful character to it, is very light, and just seems so easy to maneuver in deep or broken snow conditions. It has just the right amount of rocker to it, and even though the overall flex is soft, it carves a true arc on hard snow.

Personally, I’d go for the K2 CoomBack. That being said, the Atomic Access is also a ski that anyone could have a great powder day on.

Best dressed during test day?

I was of course, 😉

Best dressed was a ski – the Head Rock N Roll. It has in-your-face graphics designed by punk rockers, Motorhead. What’s cool is this band actually skis and approached Head and offered to design the graphics for them and they look more like a record cover than like a traditional ski.

Well me of course, you have to lead by example. Although if it was the 1970’s, then Paul Archer was definitely best dressed.

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