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Spring Bike Tuneup!

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Let’s talk tunes and why you should get one in the spring. April isn’t really winter anymore, but to say spring has sprung is sort of a lie. So we’re in limbo, but bike season is upon us and the snow will melt quickly enough. Get your bike in gear, and get into the shop for a spring tune up.

So Why Do I Need a Tune?

Let’s wind the clocks back to the fall, all the way back to the end of your last ride. Did you clean your bike or have it tuned up before putting it in storage? If you did, high five to you! However, if you didn’t, your bike is going to make some serious noise. Compound that with the mud you are sure to hit this spring, and your bike is definitely going to have a few issues in addition to all the noise.

Some peculiar things can happen to a bike while it sits still in your garage all winter. The up and down of the garage door, the wet concrete from snowmelt off your car, rambunctious kids dropping their skis and sleds wherever they please – all these things make your garage and gear storage a hellscape for your bikes. And before you hop on for your first ride, you’re going to want to give your bike a thorough once-over, and possibly take it to the shop for a spring tune.

Packed and disorganized garage full of outdoor gear
Was your bike smashed into the back of your garage or shed all winter?

Can I Do it Myself?

Wait for the chilly morning to subside and then get outside with a hose and brushes and clean your bike thoroughly. Then pump up those tires, and top off your suspension air pressure. Give your bike a quick test ride around the block and go through every gear and use your brakes lightly. Look and listen for shinks, grinds, and other nefarious noises. If you’re an accomplished mechanic, sort out these issues and go full steam into summer.

But if you’re not comfortable with any of the above, there is no shame in bringing your bike(s) by the shop. A well-trained mechanic will have you riding smoothly in just a few days. And the beauty of April being in limbo is that there are still enough people focused on spring skiing (rather than biking) that the shops aren’t too busy yet.

The bike shop pros at Jans and White Pine Touring would love to tune up your bikes, offer advice, and point you toward some dry singletrack. We live and breathe our passions for the outdoors, and are happy to pass it along to you. We’ve even been voted Park City’s Best Bike Shop multiple years in a row. So stop by the shop. And if you’re not in Park City, stop by your own local bike shop for support.

By Paul Boyle, Production Manager,

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