nighttime scene of snowshoer with a headlamp looking out over the town lights in Park City, Utah

Snowshoeing in Park City

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People who don’t like winter tend to be the same people who don’t get outside during the winter, and this is not coincidence. Instead of just sitting by the fire sipping hot cocoa when things get chilly, why not find ways to enjoy nature’s fresh air throughout the year? Getting outside in the winter helps make the season not only tolerable, but even downright enjoyable.

Snowshoeing is an easily approachable winter sport that is an awesome way to appreciate the great outdoors when everything is cold and snow covered. Snowshoes make it so you stay on the surface of deep snow rather than sinking in, and they offer extra traction so you won’t be slipping around. Imagine hiking in the peaceful quiet of snow covered forests, with a little crunch crunch beneath your feet and sparkling vistas around you. And speaking of amazing views, in and around Park City, Utah is great for snowshoeing.

Snowshoe Rentals in Park City
Jans offers a range of sizes of Atlas running and trekking snow shoes for rent in Park City. Reserve your snowshoe rentals online so that they are ready for you to pick up. Snowboots are the best footwear to go with snowshoes, but if you don’t have any, Jans offers overbooties to wear over your sneakers to help keep your feet warm and dry.

If you happen to fall in love with snowshoeing and you want to make it a regular pastime, you can purchase your own snowshoe gear at White Pine Touring.

Where to Snowshoe in Park City
Throughout the winter, snow brightens the over 400 miles of scenic trails in and around Park City. Iron Canyon is a local favorite for a heart pounding snowshoe experience with a lot of uphill, best suited for those who are already adapted to the altitude. Rob’s Trail is a more moderate snowshoe trek that will still get your heart pumping. If you’re unsure about your ability level, the Rail Trail (just steps away from White Pine Touring) or the McCleod Creek Trail can be great places to get out and try snowshoeing with little elevation change and interesting scenery.

Basin Recreation offers winter trail maps for Park City, and Mountain Trails Foundation offers a map that specifies which Park City trails are open for snowshoeing. The Mountain Trails Foundation website also has other helpful resources such as trail etiquette and updates on current trail conditions.

Snowshoe Tours in Park City
For a memorable experience including great snowshoeing, fantastic scenery, and helpful snowshoeing tips, book a guided snowshoe tour with White Pine Touring. The expert guides here can take you on a customizable snowshoe adventure around Park City or in the nearby Uinta National Forest. This a great option for snowshoers of all levels to enjoy an awesome day of snowshoeing and benefit from some local expertise.

Snowshoeing can help you make the most of your winter. Whether it’s your day off from alpine or Nordic skiing to switch things up, or your main snow sport, winter hiking in snowshoes is great exercise and a wonderful way to get outside for some fresh air and a refreshing experience.

Kendall Fischer, Content Writer