Snowboard Rentals in Park City - Check Out Our Brand New Fleet

Snowboard Rentals in Park City – Check Out Our Brand New Fleet

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So you want to rent a snowboard in Park City? Well I’m here to tell you that there is figuratively only one snowboard rental shop in town. And while plenty of other shops rent snowboards in Park City, it is this shop that continues to distinguish itself as the most radical, extreme, and unflinchingly awesome of them all:

Jans on Park Avenue Ski & Snowboard Rental Shop.

Why, other than my complete and unwavering company bias, do I feel comfortable saying that Jans is the best place in Park City to rent snowboards? Because the snowboards are all brand new, they’re made by Salomon, and brand new Salomon snowboards are awesome.

Salomon Drift Rocker

Take, for example, the Salomon Drift Rocker. This board possesses the rare attribute of complete all mountain capability. With a True Twin tip construction, and Salomon’s Pressure Rocker profile, the Drift is as at home in the park as it is in pow-filled back bowls. Just planning on ripping groomers? Salomon’s EQ3 sidecut provides an even distribution of pressure along the length of the board to ensure that you can confidently set an edge on hardpack. Easy in and out of the turn, but stable and locked-in when you’re on edge, the Drift Rocker is the perfect rental snowboard for people who want to get a taste of what the whole mountain has to offer.

Salomon Pulse

Or, if you’re looking for a board that truly excels on groomers, book yourself a date with the Salomon Pulse. This directional twintip snowboard features Salomon’s Super Flat rocker profile, for a board that is incredibly stable at speed while virtually eliminating the prospect of catching an unwanted edge. That’s not to make the Pulse sound one-dimensional. This snowboard can hold its own in the park, and with a subtle adjustment to your stance, can be a beast in the powder too.

And as if those masterfully crafted descriptions of the rental snowboards weren’t enough, I hit the slopes with a local legend to learn firsthand just how awesome the Jans rental snowboards really are. Once referred to as the Reverend of Rad, but mostly just called by his first name, Carl, he is considered by all of the most extreme riders on the mountain to be someone who sometimes snowboards. For ten epic minutes before the mountain closed, he made Park City the canvas for his snowboarding masterpiece.

Snowboarder holding Salomon board

Hitting up a super park first, the Deacon of Flight tested the hang time capabilities of the Pulse, sending one of the biggest jumps on the mountain and stomping the landing like a message from above.

Snowboarder jumping with thumbs up

Next, the Disciple of Sickness took the Pulse to an untouched powder stash deep in the backcountry where he proved that if it’s holy faceshots you’re after, this board is downright divine.

Snowboarder pointing

Finally, with the long day winding down, the Grand Supreme of Extreme decided to see what the Pulse was capable of on one of the steepest, most diabolical runs Park City has to offer. In what might be remembered as the most epic carve turn of all eternity, he laid the board over with such absolute authority that his face literally touched the snow.

Snowboarder face down on snow

While these pictures speak for themselves, what shouldn’t be overshadowed by their complete and utter radness is that the snowboard rentals at Jans are all brand new, top-of-the-line, and in keeping with the level of quality that this company demands for all of the rental equipment we provide to our customers. Having fun on the mountain is what it’s all about and that starts with high quality and well maintained gear – however you choose to use it.

So in closing, if you feel that you have what it takes to ride like a higher being, and want to guarantee that you’re getting the best snowboard rentals in Park City, come to Jans on Park Avenue. We have the most righteous boards in town, and it’s the home rental shop of the legend himself – Carl.

Snowboarder sliding on box on back

Nate Tomlinson, Content Writer