Salomon Speedcross Product Review

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Expert Review

My first impression of the Salomon Speedcross Trail Running Shoe is that it is super cushy, and hugs your foot like a good friend. It feels very secure, especially the heel pocket, which gives you a lot of confidence that your foot is not going to be sliding around.


Technical Features

Best uses based on drop, weight, tread pattern, and sole materials

The Speedcross is not meant to be a lightweight running or a race shoe. You know it’s there, but it feels light for as burly a shoe as it is. The drop is huge at 11 millim4 out of 5 ratingeters, but I did not feel it when I put it on or when I started running. Because of this, it’s definitely not an all-day shoe since it could start to put strain on the legs after a few hours. But the big drop does help with climbs, and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing high heels. The heavy duty EVA midsole is not the cushiest out there, but this denser material does a great job of protecting your feet from rocks and roots. The Contagrip tread pattern features huge lugs that give you confidence on slippery and uneven surfaces. These lugs do tend to wear down quickly when worn on pavement, but the Speedcross is really designed for lots of climbing and descending on trails, instead of wearing around town.

4 out of 5 rating RATING

The Fit

Last, upper, cushioning, and lacing system

Salomon’s standard Quicklace system on the Speedcross does a pretty good job of hugging your foot. I’ve got bird feet, and my feet are actually pretty happy in these running shoes, which is not usually the case. It’s a pretty pillowy shoe as far as cushioning, and very inviting to put on – it feels super comfy right away. The last fit is thinner than average, making it nice for a thinner to medium width foot. The continuous upper fit does expand though, but even so, someone with a wider foot or a flatter arch may not be too psyched about the fit.

Final Take

The Salomon Speedcross is a super comfortable shoe, and you can just crush terrain in it. It’s different from other trail running shoes in that it doesn’t have a strike plate so it’s pretty compliant, but it still has a lot of protection.

Patrick Coffey, Nordic Center Director

Experts Verdict

The Speedcross is a great trail running shoe that can take on the whole mountain, but not necessarily take on the whole day.

4/5 Technical Features: Even though this shoe has a lot of drop, people shouldn’t shy away from it. The 11 millimeter drop makes this a great climbing shoe and gives you more cushioning underneath your heel for improved comfort.

4 out of 5 rating The Fit Very inviting for a medium to narrower foot, but everyone should give it a try since it does expand pretty well.