Salomon Fellraiser Trail Running Shoe Review

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Expert Review

Salomon did indeed raise a Fellraiser with this one (a shout out to fellow 2Pac fans there). Part of being a trail running nerd is being invested in the look of what’s on my feet. I like my equipment to inspire me to hit the trail, and this shoe does just that. The tread pattern is aggressive, the color schemes are fantastic (I have the red and black myself), and given how light this running shoe is, you will hardly notice the weight when you slip a pair of these on your feet. The Fellraiser is a lightweight, aggressive trail runner intended for muddy or snowy conditions.


Technical Features

Best uses based on drop, weight, tread pattern, and sole materials

At 290 grams per pair the Salomon Fellraisers aren’t the lightest shoes on the market, but for how burly they are, their low weight is very impressive. There are no strike plates in this shoe so don’t plan on protection from sharp objects on the trail. However, with a 12mm heel, and the 8mm deep tread pattern the Fellraisers still feel plenty cushy. The toe cap is well designed and so far shows no signs of coming apart (this seems to be a persistent problem for me with some trail running shoes). The 6 mm of drop allows for efficient climbing without feeling like you’re in high heels on the descent, and the last on this shoe allows for a lot of torsional freedom from the forefoot to the heel. For those looking for a more stable shoe due to “well worn” ankles, this may present a problem. I enjoy this feeling as it allows me to adapt to the trail without feeling like I am fighting with my shoes.


The Fit

Last, upper, cushioning, and lacing system.

The fit on the Fellraiser will accept a wide range of foot shapes. What is exciting for me personally is that my skinny feet fit in these shoes happily without completely maxing out the lacing system. The toe box is squared off which makes for a nice fit, and also minimizes catching the front of the shoe on descents. The Fellraiser is really cushy, right out of the box, and continues to provide a pillowy feel, hours into a run.

Final Take

This shoe is at it’s best in muddy or snowy conditions, but will still perform well on the drier, hard packed trails around Park City. By the way, please don’t run on muddy trails – it will damage them! So far this is the only shoe that I have run with this spring, and I plan on continuing to use it on a regular basis due to its fit, performance level, and ability to both climb and descend well. This is one hell of a shoe for the sure- footed runner looking for extra grip in muddy or snowy conditions.

By Patrick Coffey, Jans Summer Program Director & Trail Running Nerd

Experts Verdict

4 out of 5 ratingTechnical Features: 4.2/5 – The 6mm of drop, a deep, gnarly tread, and a free moving last mean that this shoe has a combination of features that allow it to perform well in more than just muddy, nasty conditions.

4 out of 5 ratingThe Fit: 4.5/5 – The range of the upper of this shoe, combined with the lacing system to adapt to a wide range of different feet sizes, along with squared off toebox, and cushy ride, make this a shoe that everyone should at least give a try.