Rossignol XC Skis, Boots, Poles - Classic Discipline | Expert Picks

Rossignol XC Skis, Boots, Poles – Classic Discipline | Expert Picks

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Cross country skiers are passionate about their sport. Case in point, I’ve already skied 22 days this season and am hoping to break last year’s record of 39 days in a less-than-ideal snow year. And one of the days this season was during a full-on blizzard where I couldn’t see the track, let alone my skis. Fanatical? Maybe. Happy? Deliriously so.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a fanatical skate skier who dabbles in classic skiing when my job requires. Logan Jones, the Manager of the White Pine Nordic Center, is the opposite. The guy loves classic skiing so much that he actually skis to work (over 9K!) on Park City’s vast, groomed winter trail system. I caught up with Logan to find out about the favorite classic skis, boots and poles of an Expert who uses his equipment daily.

Rossignol X-8 Classic Ski Boot

Why Do You Recommend This Boot?

“The Rossignol X-8 is one of our most popular boots because you don’t have to spend a whole lot to get a good product. It has a basic Rottefella sole that is compatible with any NNN or ProLink bindings. And the 3D reinforced plastic heel counter delivers stabilization and power without added weight.”

What About the Fit?

“This boot gives you a little more support than a normal classic boot because of the higher lace up area and the Rossi Speed Lace Lock System. It’s more stable in the ankle, which is a plus for classic skiing.”

Bottom Line

“The fact that the X-8 is thermo-moldable makes it very comfortable, but this boot will also keep your feet warm. It’s a good fit for the general masses because of the wider forefoot and narrow heel. This boot gives us a lot of flexibility when fitting people with odd-sized feet or bunions.”

Close-up of bottom of Rossignol Delta R-Skin classic ski showing mohair strip in kick zone
The mohair strip on the Delta R-Skin means you don’t need to bother with kick wax

Rossignol Delta R-Skin Classic Ski

Why Do You Recommend This Ski?

“The Rossignol Delta R-Skin is considered a waxless classic ski because of the replaceable mohair strip which gives you great kick with no prep or waxing. Rossi uses the mohair skin to build the ski so that it mimics a waxable system; thinner in the tip and tail and thicker in the middle.”

What Are the Ideal Conditions for this Ski?

“This ski is great for days when it is difficult to dial-in your kick wax; when the temperature is hovering right around freezing or above freezing. It also works well on wet, sloppy days. This ski is not for days when it is cold and the snow conditions are great. Those days it’s easy to throw extra blue wax on waxable skis and call it good.”

Bottom Line

“The R-Skin is built like a race ski, but is waxless. It’s lightweight, thanks to the Nomex Honeycomb core, but has extra fiberglass laminate for stiffness and power. And it has a K7000 base, which is the highest-end base that Rossignol makes.”

alt="Close-up of Jans Expert Logan Jones holding the grip of the Rossignol Extra Carbon 50 classic ski pole"
The grip on the Rossignol Extra Carbon 50 has as much cork as you’d find on more expensive classic poles

Rossignol Extra Carbon 50 Ski Poles

Why Would You Recommend This Pole?

“The Rossignol Extra Carbon 50 classic poles are made out of 50% carbon and 50% fiberglass which is a really good mix for the right strength-to-weight ratio. Because these poles are lighter, swing weight is reduced, allowing you to save energy as you ski.”

Bottom Line

“For the budget-conscious classic skier, the Extra Carbon 50 is a much better option than an aluminum pole since it is more durable and won’t bend.”

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