Rock Climbing in Utah - Check Out the Uinta Mountains

Rock Climbing in Utah – Check Out the Uinta Mountains

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With all different types of rock, from sandstone to granite, and all different types of climbing including face climbs, crack climbs, traditional, sport, top rope, and bouldering, there is an excellent variety of quality rock climbing locations in Utah.

Rock Climbing in the Uinta Mountains
The expert guides at White Pine Touring are proud to share first rate climbing experiences in the beautiful mountains of the Uinta National Forest, less than 40 minutes outside of Park City, Utah.

At over 10,000 feet of elevation, this breathtaking national forest, filled with pristine mountain lakes and wild flowers, is refreshingly cool in the summer. Horizontally cracked quartzite, a range of levels of difficulty, and awesome views at the top of each route also add to the excellent quality of climbing in the Uintas.

And all of the things that make the Uintas such a great destination for rock climbing also make it a wonderful place to hike.

Rock Climbing Tours in Utah
Rock climbing tours with White Pine Touring are customized depending on the interests and abilities of the tour group, as well as the conditions of the day.

Generally, a full day tour starts out at the White Pine Touring location on Bonanza Drive in Park City. Our rock climbing experts will help you get geared up with climbing shoes, a harness, and a helmet. Then you climb into a van, transportation is included in the cost of the tour, for a leisurely ride out to the Uinta National Forest. Once you arrive, you’ll enjoy a short hike up to a climbing wall, and along the way our expert guides can point out local wildlife.

Just don’t wait until the last minute to book your climbing tour. White Pine appreciates a few days of notice in order to set everything up for you. Book your customizable guided rock climbing tour in advance.

Whether it’s your first time climbing or you’re an old hand at the sport, the patient and knowledgeable White Pine guides are well equipped to help you have a great time on the rock. With all the logistics taken care of, literally all you have to do is relax, have fun and enjoy yourself out there!

Kendall Fischer, Content Writer