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Rennstall Making The Best Even Better

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An athlete’s equipment is a fundamental component to their success. And when we’re talking about skiing on the world stage, nothing could be more important than a pair of well tuned skis or snowboard and the right wax. We’re incredibly proud to announce and congratulate the Rennstall Ski Tech Team on their success tuning and waxing for Olympic athletes in Beijing. It’s a team effort and these guys have some impressive stats to lay claim to:

  • Andy Buckley, tuning for his 6th Winter Games, prepped the boards for the U.S. Snowboard Cross Team, landing an individual Gold Medal and a Team Gold Medal
  • Andy prepped and Pete Millon mounted the skis for the U.S. Aerials Team, bringing home a Team Gold Medal
  • Tanner Keim worked with the U.S. Slopestyle and Big Air Teams in Beijing and waxed the equipment used win 5 Olympic Medals
  • Tanner waxed, and Noah van Norman prepped for the Freeski Slopestyle Gold Medal
  • Andy, Noah, and Team Rennstall prepped skis the U.S. Mogul Team, leading to a Silver Medal win
  • Hotch Young worked with the Skiing Halfpipe U.S. Team in Park City and abroad
  • Parker Rockwood worked with the U.S. Snowboard Pipe Team in Beijing

Rennstall Results

  • 100+ skis and snowboards prepped for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
  • 26 Beijing Olympic Athletes for whom Rennstall provided services
  • 13 athletes brought home Olympic medals
  • 10 of 25 Team USA Medals were won by Athletes for whom Rennstall provided ski tech services
    • 4 Gold Medals
      • Alex Hall, Men’s Freeski Slopestyle
      • Lindsey Jacobellis, Women’s Snowboard Cross
      • Lindsey Jacobellis, Nick Baumgartner, Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
      • Chris Lillis, Justin Schoenfeld, Ashley Caldwell, Mixed Team Aerials
    • 4 Silver Medals
      • Jaelin Kauf, Women’s Freestyle Moguls
      • Nick Goepper, Men’s Freeski Slopestyle
      • Colby Stevenson, Men’s Freeski Big Air
      • Daved Wise, Men’s Freeski Halfpipe
    • 2 Bronze Medals
      • Meg Nick, Women’s Aerials
      • Alex Ferreira, Men’s Freeski Halfpipe

Congrats to the Rennstall team! You have done an outstanding job helping these athletes reach the top of their game at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics! And for our readers, maybe you don’t need the same level of tune as an Olympian, but you’ll ski better and have more fun on skis expertly tuned by Rennstall. And if you do happen to want the best tunes available in America, bring them to Rennstall because they make the best even better.

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