Red Rock Skiing and Biking - Moab in the Spring

Red Rock Skiing and Biking – Moab in the Spring

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A few weeks back, Weston Deutschlander, a White Pine Touring Guide and JANS Athlete Team Member ventured to Moab for some late season spring skiing and early season mountain biking.  Weston posted a blog recounting his rather harrowing experience while skiing a narrow chute that required him to take off his skis due to a lack of snow coverage.  Since pictures speak a thousand words, we thought you’d appreciate the chance to see Weston’s assault on the chute in action. Now safely home in Park City, Weston jokingly refers to it as the Helen Keller Couloir, yet can still appreciate the gravity of the situation in which he found himself.

For those of you ready for some bike footage, this video has that too. Including a taste of Moab’s famed slickrock, featuring Shaun Raskin, another JANS Athlete Team Member. So check it out and salivate over the end of ski season or the beginning of bike season.  It might inspire you to get out and do both while you still can.

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Liz Yokubison, Senior Editor