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Rebuilt for You: Maximize Your Mountain Time With the New Jans

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If you’re frequent visitor of Jans, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve made a few changes over the last few months. We rebuilt our site from the ground up to deliver a faster, more convenient, and intuitive online shopping experience—all with the intent to better support your outdoor pursuits. Because at the end of the day, we want you to spend less time online searching for the right gear or guided tour and more time in the mountains doing what you love.

At Jans, we’ve always taken a different approach to the online shopping experience. We view our online shop as an extension of our brick and mortar stores in Park City, where you can access the same premium selection of gear and apparel, generational knowledge, and expert info that you would if you were visiting us in-person. With this in mind, we’re proud to announce a number of improvements and new features to bring more of the in-store experience to our online shop.

Buy Online and Pick up In-Store

Whether you’re a local who doesn’t want to deal with shipping, or you’ll be travelling to Park City and don’t want to ship gear to your home, only to pack it back up with your luggage, you can now make purchases online and pick up your order at one of our Park City locations. That way you know you’ll get the product you want, without worrying about it being sold out or not arriving before you’re ready to hit the slopes or trail.

Kitting Tool

Developed specifically for anglers, our new kitting tool allows you to pair essential accessories with your purchase. For instance, if you’re buying a new fly reel or spool, simply add the desired fly line or backing to your purchase and our in-house experts will install them before shipping your order. This means your new reel or spare spool is ready to take fishing as soon as it arrives. While this feature is limited only to fly reels, fly line, and backing at this time, we plan to offer this service to more of the products and services we offer.

Expert Info Center

Example of new Jans Ski Expert Info Center

In the spirit of making our in-house expertise more accessible to both locals and non-locals, we built an expansive Expert Info Center, where you can learn everything you need to know when you’re shopping for your first pair of skis, mountain bike, or just trying to determine what accessories you’ll need to learn a new outdoor sport. It’s also a valuable resource if you’re an experienced mountain person, but you have a few lingering questions regarding the intricacies of ski boot flex ratings, touring bindings, ski construction, bike geometry, goggle lens technology, and more. And as new trends and technologies emerge, we’ll continue to expand on this catalog of information to keep you in the know of what’s happening in the industry.

Get an Expert’s Take on Select Products

Jans is unique from other outdoor retailers in the sense that our staff is composed of experienced guides and dedicated practitioners of their respective sports—this includes former ski racers, certified avalanche instructors, fly fishing guides, champion mountain bike racers, and more. Because of this wealth of in-house expertise, we’re uniquely qualified to give customers our expert perspective on key products. As you’re shopping product categories, look out for the Expert’s Take badge on the products we use day in and day out to see how it stacks up to other items in the category, as well as how it performs where it matters most—the mountains.

New Rental and Tour Booking Experience

With the launch of the new site, we’re also implementing a new rental and tour booking system. The new online booking system, Easyrent by Wintersteiger, will be utilized for all our ski and bike rentals and serve as a central hub for all the guided trips and tours we offer in Park City and the Uinta Mountains. 

Increased Site Speed

The first thing you’ll notice as you explore the new website is a faster, more streamlined experience. Your time is valuable, so we made sure site speed was prioritized and the mobile experience was optimized. This makes researching, finding, and ultimately purchasing the right gear, apparel, guided trip, or rental faster and easier than ever.

Real-time Inventory Updates

We know there’s nothing more frustrating than finally deciding on the right product only to find it’s out of stock when you go to make a purchase. With the launch of the new site, product inventory is updated in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about the size or colorway you’re looking for being sold out when you’re finally ready to checkout.

While we’re proud of the updated look and features of our new website, we’re constantly striving to improve the online shopping experience to better support your outdoor pursuits. That said, if you have any feedback or have encountered any areas where the new site may be lacking, please let us know at cs@jans.com so we can further improve the online shopping experience.

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