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Patagonia 2013 Collection

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Celebrating 40 years, Patagonia still embodies the guiding principles that they stated back in their 1975 catalog: “simplicity, universality, and good quality.” This visionary company continues to progress by developing technical materials, increasing sewing proficiency, creating a superior fit, and reducing environmental impact.

This season, the company is focusing on the idea of a responsible economy, and the Patagonia 2013 Collection reflects this value, especially with their bluesign approved line of Capilene and Merino wool baselayers.

The Responsible Economy
Patagonia describes their vision of a responsible economy as one that “allows healthy communities, creates meaningful work, and takes from the earth only what it can replenish” What would this responsible economy look like? This is the question Patagonia plans to explore with their customers, friends, and leading thinkers over the next year.

Already more environmentally aware than most large clothing and gear companies, Patagonia strives to become even more responsible. The company encourages us to reduce what we buy, repair what we can, reuse or share what we have, recycle what cannot be repaired or reused, and to reimagine a sustainable world. To help their customers uphold these principles, Patagonia offers an Ironclad Guarantee for the lifetime of their products, promising to repair, refund, or replace anything with manufacturer defects, and to repair damage due to wear and tear at a reasonable charge.

Patagonia Performance Base Layers – bluesign Approved
Patagonia’s snow collection is built for layering, with baselayers for moisture wicking, mid-layers for insulation, and outer layers for protection. With this system of layering, Patagonia delivers top performance for active cold weather comfort.

The foundation of any outdoor pursuit, performance baselayers are an extremely important factor in your level of comfort out in the mountains. Patagonia offers high performance Capilene and Merino wool baselayers which are now bluesign approved, reflecting the progressive environmental standards with which these garments are created.

bluesign audits energy, water, and chemical usage with stringent and progressive protocol, helping their partners (such as Patagonia) work for continuous improvement in environmental impact. They focus on five key areas of the production process: consumer safety, resource productivity, air emissions, water emissions, and occupational safety and health.

bluesign approved Capilene baselayers are moisture wicking and quick drying to pull perspiration away from your skin, preventing you from feeling sticky and from getting cold. Made partially with recycled fibers (from used soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics, and old worn out garments), Patagonia’s Capilene is versatile, durable, and smooth against the skin.

The company’s Merino wool baselayer material is sustainably sourced from Patagonia, Argentina, where Patagonia is involved in a joint venture with The Nature Conservancy and Ovis XXI to regenerate grasslands. Merino wool naturally regulates body temperature, is naturally odor resistant, and stays warm even when wet. Patagonia’s Merino wool is softened with a chlorine free process for comfort, and blended with Capilene for improved performance and easy care.

If you’re in the market for some long lasting, high performance baselayers, and want to support the development of responsible economy, shop Patagonia men’s and women’s baselayers at

Kendall Fischer, Content Writer