Enjoy Park City winters without skiing.

Not a Skier? Enjoy Park City Winters with Off-the-Slope Activities.

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Park City is the place to be when winter hits. Recognized as the largest ski resort in the US, Park City is one of the best places to visit in the winter months. Located in the Wasatch Mountains, Park City has over 7,300 skiable acres with beginner runs and intermediate and advanced trails. But what if you don’t ski? You don’t have to be a downhill skier or a snowboarder to have fun and make memories in Park City’s winter wonderland. There are plenty of off-the-slope outdoor activities to enjoy.

Enjoy a fat biking tour through the Uintas.

Hop on a Fat Tire Bike

Fat tire biking is a great winter activity. It has become an ever-popular way for visitors to experience the beautiful landscape of Park City. Think mountain biking, minus the dirt, and add snow. As it sounds, fat biking utilizes fat tires designed to provide extra traction and stability on snow or icy terrain. It’s like a mountain bike mixed with a monster truck! It is a fantastic way to explore Park City’s most beautiful winter vistas, and you’ll get your heart pumping, too.

While the oversized tires create a smooth pedaling experience, you’ll be working up a sweat, that is for sure. You will want to avoid clothing made of cotton and opt for synthetic materials that will wick the moisture from your skin and regulate your temperature. And, when you’re gearing up for your bike day, be sure to wear gloves that keep your hands warm and protected but aren’t so bulky that you lose the finger dexterity you need to operate your handlebars and brakes. You’ll also want to suit up in snow pants, goggles or sunglasses, weatherproof footwear, and a helmet, so you can enjoy your ride atop a killer bike from White Pine Touring.

Fat biking allows riders to take advantage of Park City’s winter trail system, and if you’re a biker, you love it even more because it extends your biking season throughout the entire year. Get yourself a killer rental bike and then set out on plenty of groomed trails to fit your activity level and adventurous spirit. Take advantage of trails like those at Round Valley, Willow Creek Park, and the Historic Rail Trail. Adrenaline rushes, fresh air, and beautiful Park City scenery are a certainty.

Snowshoeing is a great way to explore Park City’s winter landscapes.

Strap on Some Snowshoes

Strap your feet into a pair of snowshoes instead of skis this winter. Park City offers beautiful trails and scenic views that are perfect for snowshoeing. It’s an excellent option for non-skiers because you can still enjoy the snowy landscapes and epic views, and get some great exercise without ever squeezing into a ski boot. It can be a more peaceful alternative to the ski slopes and crowds. You can choose your level of snowshoeing intensity with plenty of different trail distances to elevations in Park City.

Park City snowshoe season varies by snowfall, but you can generally count on good coverage from December through March. The Uinta Mountains often have good snowpack into April and May. Not only is snowshoeing a great way to boost physical well-being and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul but it is also a fun-filled family activity! So, if you’re searching for some epic trails that promise gorgeous scenery, a connection to nature, and the opportunity for quality bonding time, you find plenty in Park City. Grab your own snowshoes, or rent a pair from Jans Mountain Outfitters in Park City and enjoy the trails. Park City has hundreds of miles of snowshoe-friendly trails, both groomed and ungroomed. These safe, easily accessible snowshoe trails provide endless scenery. Some of our favorites include Gambel Oak Loop, Round Valley, Rockport Lake Trail and PC Hill. Besides your snowshoes, be sure to pack a few essentials on your adventure, like a pair of trekking poles, water, snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cell phone and or GPS. And layer up when it comes to clothing.

Get your heart pumping on the cross country ski track this winter.

Clip into Cross Country Skis

You may be thinking, cross-country skiing sounds a lot like skiing, but it is very different from chairlift rides up the mountain and fast descents down a ski run. Instead, classic cross-country skiing feels more like walking and shuffling your feet in parallel on a snow-covered trail or track. It offers a totally different skiing experience, although still challenging, heart-pumping, and humbling. It allows you to explore scenic trails and nature differently. Cross-country skiing can greatly improve your overall balance, skiing, endurance, and fitness levels. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy Park City, stay active, and participate in all of winter’s wonders.

Park City has a variety of trails, private tracks, and terrain suitable for all ages and all levels. If you’ve wanted to try cross-country skiing or have been curious about the sport, White Pine Touring can set you up with all the rental gear you need, from boots to skis and poles. Plus, they offer tours and lessons on cross-country skiing basics.

Skinning is the perfect activity for the night owl or the early bird.

Skin your way up Park City Mountain

Skinning is a winter activity you can enjoy even if you don’t ski. Skinning, also known as uphill skiing or sometimes ski touring, involves attaching special traction devices called skins to the bottom of a pair of skis to help you grip the snow and allow you to ski uphill. It is a popular early-morning (before the lifts open) or late evening (after the lifts close) winter activity.

Uphill travel is permitted on the Park City Mountain base side during the regular season from 6:00 pm to 8:30 am on the designated route. It is an especially great activity for those who love exploring the backcountry and accessing untouched snow-covered terrain. As with any winter activity in Park City, it is essential to familiarize yourself with skinning techniques and safety precautions before heading out on a skinning adventureAny or all of these off-the-slopes Park City adventures will get you into the winter spirit and allow you to enjoy the winter vibe in Park City.

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