Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Skiing

Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Skiing

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Whether you’re creating the newest YouTube POV video sensation or are just trying to make some memories on this winter’s ski trip, it’s necessary to have the proper accessories for your GoPro camera to make it happen. GoPro has created an immense array of tools to help you, but that results in the challenging feat of picking the right ones. Through watching countless POV videos and my own trial and error, I’ve discovered a few must-have GoPro accessories that reign supreme.

“The key is to think simple… Fewer components means less likelihood for things to go wrong.”

Simplicity is Key

The key is to think simple. When you’re out skiing it’s possible to take a fall, break your adjustable mount, and then be filmless for the rest of the day. Fewer components means less likelihood for things to go wrong.

One favorite accessory is the 3-Way Mount that is super versatile, but it’s hard to see all that it can do because of the packaging. This mount can be used three different ways – as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod. This single accessory lets you take everything from POV footage to selfies to follow-cam and even static tripod shots. And because of the folding extension arm, you can take selfies without having to worry about the mount being in your shot.

Similar perspectives can be obtained with the Chest Mount Harness, however this is not the ideal vantage point since it is taken from chest height instead of eye height. If you use this accessory be sure to avoid having your knees and arms block part of the shot.


Gopro shows skiers perspective of deep snow
GoPro face shot near Park City, UT

Pole vs. Hand Mounts

While GoPros can shoot wide, they can’t shoot wide enough for you to film selfie-style by just holding the camera. If you’re skiing, avoid filming yourself with The Handler, which is better for water sports, and get the new GoPro Handlebar/Pole Mount instead. This mount can be used for a wide array of adventurous toys, but when mounted to the end of an old ski pole (cut to two feet, for a good length) it provide an awesome, full-framed shot of you getting the goods.

Remote Start

While GoPro does make an app that allows you to start/stop recording and to stream the video wirelessly to your smartphone, picking up a Smart Remote has its benefits. For one, not everyone has a smartphone. Two, running both your GoPro and phone on Wi-Fi will kill your batteries before that pow-day leg burn has time to kick in.

“While GoPros can shoot wide, they can’t shoot wide enough for you to film selfie-style by just holding the camera.”

Since the Smart Remote triggers GoPro functions up to 600 feet away, it lets you access all of your camera settings and functions. This provides clear, precise views of what your GoPro is recording through an LCD screen provided on the remote.

Battery and Life Enhancement

Given that you do not always have access to a computer, it’s a smart idea to purchase a GoPro Wall Charger to ensure that your camera is fully charged before heading out for a day of skiing. This handy accessory will charge your GoPro camera quickly and conveniently given that almost every place has some sort of wall socket.


Snowboarder descends in deeps snow
GoPro extension arm shot skiing

Replaceable Parts

As with all techy toys, you’re most likely going to lose parts or break them. Make sure you purchase GoPro’s Grab Bag of Mounts before that legendary storm cycle hits. This will avoid all kinds of issues as you’re trying to get out the door on a powder day, including finding out that your child ate the adjustment cap.

Giray Dadali, Jans Athlete Team Member