Meet the Jans Bike Team - White Pine Racing Powered By

Meet the Jans Bike Team – White Pine Racing Powered By

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Park City’s local mountain bike race team

Pedaling anywhere on Park City’s 400+ miles of trails, you might come across some friendly moutain bike riders in familiar black and blue kits. Most likely you get a smile and a “Hey, how’re you doin’?” That’s us, the White Pine Racing powered by team. Yes, we wear spandex sometimes and yes, we pay money to see who is the fastest rider from point A to well, usually looping back to point A. Unless of course we’ve completely lost our minds and signed up for Jay Burke’s insane Park City Point to Point, a 78 mile endurance race starting in Round Valley and ending at the Canyons, with a few dozen climbs in between.

Promoting Park City’s trails

While the race goals of the team members differ – some of us stick to the local circuit while others travel nationally – our main objective is to promote the awesome trails that Park City has to offer and prove that even spandex-clad racer folk respect those trails and other riders. Our team-led Thursday night rides are a great way to come meet us and learn some of Park City’s more obscure trails. Ever get tired of Armstrong-Spiro? Well, even if you never tire of that loop, we’ll show you the way around some lesser known favorites. Plus, the last Thursday of every month is our BBQ ride – free food and age-appropriate beverages (thanks Moab Brewery!) after the shred session. Funny how that ride always has by far the most attendees…

Who we are

On our race team we’ve got everyone from groms to veterans. Our youngest member, Jon Jon Drain, can throw a bigger tailwhip on a tabletop with his 29-er than most bikers at the dirt jump park can on an appropriate bike. Oh, and he also goes uphill insanely fast even if he still needs to safety-pin his extra small bibs to make them tighter. And, we’ve got Todd Henneman, one of our mountain bike experts, whose humble, unassuming manner might lead you to write him off, but he’s one of the smoothest single-track connoisseurs in Park City. Todd rides technical stuff like butter and regularly beats up on the young folk at races.

Ride with the team

I’ll let you in on one secret the whole team will agree on – Park City is way better in the summer than in the winter. Our ski slopes might be famous but they’ve got nothing on our endless singletrack. Show up for one of our group mountain bike rides, every Thursday at 6pm leaving from the White Pine Shop on Bonanza, and we’ll show you why.