Korkers KGB wading boot v. Simms Rivertek BOA wading boot

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What is the best new wading boot?

When I ask Jans fly fishing expert, Larry Culley, about his favorite new fly fishing gear this season, he has to pause. He’s torn. He’s been debating between the Korkers KGB wading boot and the Simms Rivertek wading boot. If you, like Larry, are looking for the best wading boot, one that will last a good while, then read on.

Korkers KGB – Durability with Interchangable Soles

Having always been a Korkers fan, Larry loves their interchangeable soles, and how they fit flush, and that they don’t track stuff around. He calls the Korkers KGB “the most durable boot Korkers has ever made.” The KGB has great lateral stability, and a rubber sole that helps prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species, which is a problem in some states.   If you’ll be fishing in a state that doesn’t allow felt soles, these can be a good choice because you can switch to the rubber soles, and then you can still wear the felt soles on slippery surfaces in places where felt soles are allowed.

Simms Rivertek BOA – Single-handed Fit Adjustment

The Simms Rivertek BOA is a classic Simms wading boot with great durability and great support; “It always feels perfect,” Larry says. The BOA closure system is nice and easy with no laces, and it’s always comfortable and fits well no matter how many socks you’re wearing. The felt sole is nice for slippery places like the Provo River or the Weber River, and for this reason, Larry suggests the Simms Rivertek BOA as a way to keep it simple for anglers who are only fly fishing in Utah.

Korkers KGB v. Simms Rivertek BOA

Comparing these two boots, they’re both durable, high quality boots with great attention to detail. The main difference is in the soles and the closure system.
The Korker KGB is more flexible because of the interchangeable soles, and because you can get replacement soles for them as well – but you do have to deal with the laces.
On the other hand, the Simms Rivertek BOA has the convenient single handed fit adjustment. For someone who doesn’t need a rubber sole option, this is the easy choice.

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– Kendall Fischer, Content Writer


Note: This post was originally published on May 10, 2013 and may be out of date.