Jans Ultimate Powder Day Sweepstakes | 2015 Recap

Jans Ultimate Powder Day Sweepstakes | 2015 Recap

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The 2016 Jans Ultimate Powder Day Sweepstakes has begun. In case you needed a little extra incentive to enter, let us recap last year’s prize package for you.

Sweepstakes winner, Dan Kirk, pulled an all-time bro favor – choosing his buddy, Dane Taylor, as his weekend +1. Both Dan and Dane spent a day skiing untouched lines at Thousand Peaks Ranch with Park City Powder Cats & Heli-Ski, were put up for two nights courtesy of Park City Lodging, and received head-to-toe gear from Arc’teryx and Smith Optics. Either Dan owed Dane bigtime, or Dane’s just a really fun dude to ski with. Either way, they shared an Ultimate Powder Day last March.

Check out the pictures from their day of backcountry bliss, be inspired, and enter the sweepstakes this year.

Cat skiing laps at Thousand Peaks Ranch
The Cat in its stomping grounds. The crew loading up for another lap.
Jans Expert, Scott House skiing untouched powder
Jans Expert, Scott House, with no tracks in sight.
Jans Expert, Scott House farming powder rows
Farming tidy rows for sustainable powder management.
Perfect powder turns in the Uinta Mountains
Some kids refuse to color inside the lines.

“When I entered the Jans Ultimate Powder Day Sweepstakes I never imagined I would actually win and get to spend a day at the Thousand Peaks Ranch with Jans and PC Cats. Well, I didn’t win, but a good buddy of mine did… Jans hooked us up with the sweetest Arc’teryx and Smith Optics gear so we were ready for the ultimate pow-slaying adventure. The vast terrain and knowledgeable guides kept the stoke at an all time high.” – Dane Taylor, Winner’s Freeloadin’ Buddy

Cat skiing with Park City Powder Cats, Arc'teryx and Smith Optics
Dropped at the top with nothing but untouched snow below.
Jans Expert, Ian McDonnell skiing in the Uinta Mountains
Jans employee, Ian McDonnell, making the most of his free ride on the Cat.
40,0000 acres of private terrain at Thousand Peaks Ranch in the Uinta Mountains
40,000 acres of private, family-owned land makes Thousand Peaks Ranch bigger than Vail, Aspen and Killington combined.

We’re not trying to rub it in, we swear. We just wanted to share some photographic evidence of the pow-filled awesomeness you missed out on last year. OK, that was low. But think of it as motivation to enter the Jans Ultimate Powder Day Sweepstakes for this year. It’s free, takes less than 30 seconds, and just might be your ticket to the sweetness of the white room displayed above.


Nate Tomlinson, Senior Content Writer

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Photographs courtesy of Rebekah Stevens. Check out more of her work at rebekahstevensphotography.com