Jans Guided Hiking Trips

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Because hiking is enjoyable, the Uintas are awesome, and the Experts at White Pine Touring (Jans guide service) have a great reputation, I knew, even before I went on a guided hiking trip to the Uinta mountains, that it would be delightful.

Group of people hiking by a river in the Uinta Mountains
Walking alongside a small river in the Uinta Mountains

Why go hiking with a guide?

In short, the reason to hike with a guide is that it takes a lot of pressure off, so that instead of worrying about the logistical details, you can just enjoy yourself.

When you go on a guided hike with the Experts at White Pine Touring, here are some of the bothers that you don’t have to deal with:

  • Choosing a route (based on your interests and physical ability levels, your guide will choose a trail you’ll love)
  • Bringing water (complimentary reusable White Pine Touring bottles filled with filtered water are included in the price of the tour)
  • Getting hiking poles (the use of high-quality adjustable poles is included)
  • Packing a lunch (scrumptious sandwiches from the quaint local Samak Country Store are available upon request for $10 per person)
  • Driving to the trailhead (transportation in a Jans or White Pine Touring vehicle from the store to the trail is included)
  • Trail navigation (these professional guides have the local expertise necessary not only to keep you from getting lost, but also to help you find breathtaking views and memorable experiences)
Group of people hiking pass wildflowers in the Uinta National Forest
Passing some Rocky Mountain Forget-Me-Nots along our hike through the Uinta National Forest

Beginning the tour

Booking a guided hiking tour online is quick and easy. You can choose whether you want to hike in the mountains around Park City or out in the Uinta highcountry; specify the number of participants and time you’d like to start the hike; and make your reservation online in three simple steps.

At the White Pine Touring store in Park City, my friends and I met up with two of the friendliest guides around, signed waivers, ogled the latest outdoor clothing and gear, and ordered lunch from a local business.

Then we piled into a truck and drove out of town, on through Kamas, stopping in the tiny ‘city’ of Samak to pick up our lunch, and headed into the vast national forest. The drive is around 45 minutes, but with bucolic views and pleasant conversation, it seemed even shorter. Our guides joked and laughed, mentioning interesting local history tidbits along the way and exchanging stories with us.

Group of hikers sitting on rock, enjoying lunch in the Uinta National Forest
Stopping for a pleasant lunch

Guided hiking in the Uinta Mountains

A short ways up a dirt road, we parked, jumped out, sized our trekking poles, and started up a remote singletrack trail. The guides led us up the winding rocky path, sharing more stories and pointing out native flora, as well as evidence of local fauna (like beaver dams and bird nests.)

We passed dramatic cliffs, peaceful lakes, and flower-sprinkled meadows. It’s hard to explain the majesty of these surroundings; the Uintas are the type of place that just make me want to pause and breathe deeply.

We crossed bridges over rushing streams, and hopped from rock to rock through smaller streams – all with enhanced balance and improved confidence thanks to our hiking poles. And after a while, we picked a nice spot to stop for a leisurely lunch.

Group of hikers cross a bridge over a river in the Uinta National Forest
Crossing a bridge on a well-maintained trail

Meaningful memories

On the drive back to Park City, I asked the guides about meaningful experiences on past tours. They mentioned moose sightings, and told us about teaching clients to track moose. They remembered teaching wilderness navigation to a man who wanted to overcome his fear of getting lost, and helping a woman train for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro through a week of hiking adventures. They talked about sharing different cultures, and keeping in touch with clients with whom they had made strong connections. It became very clear that these Experts care deeply about creating excellent experiences for their customers.

To explore beautiful stretches of wilderness under the thoughtful guidance and local knowledge from the Experts at White Pine Touring, book your own customized and private hiking tour in the high Uintas with family or friends.

— Kendall Fischer, Content Writer