How To Get Fly Fishing Gear Ready for the Season

How To Get Fly Fishing Gear Ready for the Season

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Spring is the time to double check your gear for a great upcoming season of fishing.  Read on to find out expert tips on how to make sure your fly fishing gear is ready to go.

Waders & Wading Shoes
Let’s start out with your waders and wading shoes. Did you have any leaks in your waders when you hung them up for winter? If you don’t remember, turn them inside out and fill them up with water to see where there might be any leaking holes or seams. If they are GORE-TEX waders, you can spray them with rubbing alcohol on the inside to see if any black spots show up. Black spots indicate leaks or tears in your waders which should be repaired with proper patches. The Simms GORE-TEX Repair Kit with Aquaseal works great. Check your wading shoes for any excessive wear, and make sure your laces are intact. I like to use my custom orthotics from my ski boots for more comfort.  They work great.

Fly Rods & Reels
Check your fly rods for any broken guides or damaged fittings, and be sure to wax the rod ferrules for added strength and durability. Similarly, be sure to check your fly reels and give them some lubrication on the interior parts if needed. Check your fly line, by pulling about 30 feet of line from each reel and checking for any excessive wear. Just pull the line over your fingers, feel for rough spots, and look for cracking. Be sure to treat and lubricate your fly lines as needed throughout the season.

Fly Fishing Tools & Accessories
Now consider your fly vest or whatever you use to carry your fly fishing accessories on the river. Do you have a good selection of leaders, tippet material, sinkers, dry fly floatant, clippers, fishing pliers or other tools that you will need on any fishing trip? How about your selection of flies? Do you have polarized sunglasses? How about flip-down magnification lenses that improve your knot tying prowess when you add tippet to your leader or tie on a fly? Do you need a new fishing hat? Make sure all of your fly fishing accessories are useable, your leaders and spools of tippet have not expired, and the jaws on your clippers are sharp, and not rusted. I also bring along a hooded GORE-TEX rain jacket just in case the weather turns while I’m on the river.

Make a list of everything you think you need and come to the Jans flagship store at 1600 Park Avenue and talk to one of our fly fishing experts. They can help you be ready for the upcoming season, get you the licenses and permits you need and give you some pointers on where you can go fishing right away.

Jan Peterson