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How to Get Around Park City during Your Ski Vacation 

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Last updated: January 11, 2024

Driving in winter conditions can be hectic. Dealing with snow, ice, and limited visibility is enough to deter even the most experienced drivers. And during holidays, events, and peak ski weekends, when the roads are more congested and parking spots grow scarce, both locals and vacationers are looking for alternate forms of transportation. Whether you just don’t want to deal with chaining up on a snowy day or are visiting from out of town and want to avoid the hassle of renting a car, there are plenty of options for getting to and around Park City.

Getting to Park City

One of the best things about Park City is the convenience of its location. Unlike other popular ski towns that require hours of travel to or from an airport, Park City is a mere 35 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport. If you’re traveling to Utah by plane, there are several options for getting from the airport to the mountains. 

Shuttle Services

For a fast and direct route, shuttle services like Canyon Transportation or Park City Group Transportation offer shared rides directly from the airport to Park City. These shuttles run multiple times per day and can accommodate oversized luggage and ski bags. The only drawback to these services is the price. Shuttle rides can run between $40 and $65 per person, which makes them one of the more expensive options. If you’re looking for a more economical method of transportation, Utah’s public transit system is well-equipped to accommodate ski travelers.

Public Transit

You can also leave the airport by train or bus. The Salt Lake Express bus runs from the airport to Salt Lake Central Station multiple times per day and costs $6 to $9 per traveler. For a more affordable option, you can take the TRAX Green Line train for only $2.50 each way. From the Green Line, you’ll get off at North Temple Station, then take a quick six-minute ride on the Frontrunner train to Salt Lake Central Station. 

Once you arrive at Salt Lake Central Station, you can hop on the PC-SLC Connect bus, which will take you to Kimball Junction Transit Center in Park City. This bus runs eight times per day and costs $4.50 per passenger. If you’re staying in Salt Lake and want to avoid driving Parley’s Canyon, you can hop on the PC-SLC Connect 901 or 902 bus at one of five stops in the Salt Lake City area including the Park & Ride station at 3900 S Wasatch blvd.

Another option is the UTA Commuter vanpool, but because its rates and run times are more sporadic, it’s hard to offer an exact schedule for vanpool rides and rates. 

Woman crosses parking log with ski gear.
Public transit is a great way to get around Park City during peak ski weekends. Image courtesy of Dakine.

Free Park City Transportation Options

Once you arrive in Park City, you’re welcome to take advantage of the free transit system. From the Kimball Junction Transit Center, you can get to Canyons, Park City, or Deer Valley using Park City Transit. 

For the quickest ride to either Canyons or Park City Mountain Resort, you can hop on the White 10 bus, which runs every 10 minutes. To get to Deer Valley, you can take the Yellow 5, Green 2, or Red 1 lines from either Park City Mountain Resort or the Old Town Transit Center. From where the bus drops you off at Deer Valley, it’s just a quick walk to the Jans Snow Park Lodge location where we can help you find some great new gear or simply talk shop.

For those staying or living in Kamas, there’s a convenient commuter bus that runs to and from Kamas six times a day. The Black 11 line makes the trip from the Kamas Park & Ride to the Park City Old Town Transit Center in under 45 minutes.

During peak ski weekends, the Park City transit system can also be utilized when the resort parking lots are full. On those days, you can park at Park City High School and ride the Red 1 bus to the mountain. From the Red 1 bus, stop on Homestake Rd, and it’s just a short walk to the Jans Park Avenue location. We have everything you need if you realize you left your gloves or goggles back home or if you decide this is the year to get custom-fitted boots. If you’re skiing Canyons and the parking lot is full, then you can park at Ecker Hill Middle School and ride the Green 6 bus to the slopes.

To track the location of a Park City bus, you can download their Bus Tracker app. This will let you know where your bus is in real time so you don’t get stuck out in the cold. 

Paid Park City Transportation Options

If you don’t feel like taking the bus, there are still plenty of ways to get around. Depending on where you’re staying, your hotel may offer shuttle services. Stein Eriksen Lodge, Sundial Lodge, Hyatt Place, The St. Regis, and Best Western Plus are just some of the hotels that offer shuttle service for their guests. 

If your lodging doesn’t offer shuttle services, then you can hitch a ride with a transportation company like Shuttle Park City, which is a local service with options for large and small parties alike. For a more economical option, you can call Peak Transportation taxi service at (435) 901-8249 or utilize a rideshare app like Lyft and Uber.

Whether you’re a dedicated local or a first time visitor, there are plenty of options to get you to and around Park City conveniently and safely. By taking advantage of Park City’s free transit, you can help reduce congestion and emissions and save yourself the frustration of looking for parking. After all, less time spent prowling around for a parking spot means more time ripping through your favorite powder stash.

By Jeff Walker, Content Writer

This post was updated on January 11, 2024.

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