overhead view of a bike trail winding through rolling hills covered in sagebrush

Getting ready for bike season

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Springtime is in the air and if you’re like us here at Jans, you’re getting antsy to ride your bicycle.

But slow down a minute there!

Getting ready for bike season

First dust off your bike and lube the chain. If it can’t move smoothly, you risk starting off the season with a broken chain.

Next, check the tire pressure – you probably need to add a bit of air. You don’t want to forget about this because riding with low tire pressure is a great way to end up with a flat.

Ride your bike around the block a bit and if anything seems off, don’t ignore it. Take it to a pro who knows how to fix any issues you might be having. And it’s always nice to start the season off right with a full tune to get your bike in peak condition. If you’re near Park City, Utah, the bike experts at Jans and White Pine Touring are here to help.

Early season mountain biking

Once your bike is all ready to go and you’re all stoked to ride – slow down again!

As much as media glorifies the sexiness of riding in the mud . . . please don’t do it. You’ll mess up the trail with big ruts that will be annoying to ride over once it dries up. Even if there’s just a small section of muddiness, pick up your bike and walk around it. Future you and other summertime riders will be so much happier if you do.

And if everywhere you look is muddy – well spring is a great time to cycle on the road. Even if the trail is really where you want to be, you can think of this as good training for that.

It’s easy to get caught up in the culture of frustration with the back and forth weather of spring; but why not take advantage instead? You could be the guy saying, “man, I just don’t even know what to do with these conditions” – or you could be the guy saying, “man, this is the greatest; last weekend I went skiing, this afternoon I’m getting in a little road ride in before it snows again.”  Guess which guy has more fun.

In summary: dust off your bike, lube the chain, check the tire pressure, get expert help for any issues you notice, don’t ride on muddy trails, enjoy the shoulder season!

– Kendall Fischer, Content Writer