From Ski Tuning to Ski Testing - Jans 2nd TV Commercial

From Ski Tuning to Ski Testing – Jans 2nd TV Commercial

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Jans has been selling skis for a long time.  Over 30 years to be exact.  When we started, most skis were pretty marginal, and you had to hunt to find a good pair – literally. Back in the day, we actually flex-tested every ski to make sure it was paired with one that flexed the same amount – so your left and right turns would be the same.

Jans still believes that nobody should buy a pair of skis without testing them first, which is why we continue to offer the Jans Ski Test Program. There are a lot of good skis on the market, but a ski that is really good for one person might be terrible for another. Skis can be made so precisely now that they are designed for particular body sizes, body shapes, and skiing styles.

So why should you test skis? Because customers who come into our stores test a variety of skis until they find just the right pair for their ability level and skiing style. This premise is also the basis of our current advertising campaign.

For the second ad in this three part series, we decided to feature ski tester and expert tuner, Erik Boller.  Erik not only tests skis for Jans, but he has also done ski testing for SKI Magazine. And, as part of the Jans Test Team, Boller personally tests every pair of skis that we sell. Because in addition to being a killer ski tuner, Erik is also a pretty demanding ski tester.

To say that Boller knows ski tuning would be an understatement. His knowledge is so extensive that Olympic athletes and pro racers trust him to make their skis as fast as possible. Erik also tunes every ski in our Test Program, so that customers can have confidence knowing that the skis they are testing are tuned to perfection, and that they are testing the ski and not the tune. Visit our tuning center to learn more about how tunes affect the performance of a ski.

Unlike the first spot in our ad campaign which highlighted PCMR Store Manager, Stephanie Humes, this advertisement focuses on how tuning skis is crucial to the ski testing process.

Check back here for the third and final ad in the series, which is currently in production. It shows why Ramsey Moore, Hardgoods Manager of our Deer Valley – Snow Park store, believes a customer ski test program is so important. Here’s a hint – for more than 80% of skiers, the right skis would definitely make them a better skier.

Jans Creative Team:
Ross Downard, Art Director & Videographer
Mike Schirf, Videographer
Nate Tomlinson, Script Writer
Liz Yokubison, Creative Director