First Tracks

First Tracks!

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Ever since I was a teenager all of us powder hounds wanted to make first tracks on the mountain after a big dump of fresh powder the night before.  We’d line up at the lifts when they started running, first thing in the morning, and then race to the runs we wanted to ski first. Then we’d fly down through the new fallen snow. It wasn’t long before all the good powder runs were chopped up with our crazy skiing. Keep in mind this was before snowcats were used to pack and groom many of the slopes for less advanced skiers.

Then, through a stroke of good luck, a few of us were given the opportunity to ride the lifts with the Ski Patrol, before the resort officially opened for the day. We were allowed to ski a variety of runs in the new powder before anyone else was even allowed on the mountain. This rare opportunity did not last too long before the general public started to complain about our unexplained privilege. Needless to say our special treatment ended. If we wanted first tracks in the new powder we had to wait in line at the lifts with the rest of the eager skiers.

Now you can pay for the privilege of first tracks at the Canyons or Deer Valley and receive a great breakfast too. It isn’t cheap, but could be worth it on those special days when the snow is just right. Both resorts send a group of guides with you to ensure your pleasure and safety. It could be one more thing to add to your “bucket list.”

First tracks is certainly an experience you’ll never forget!

Jan Peterson