Featured Mountain Bike Guide – Weston Deutschlander

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As an experienced mountain biking and climbing guide for White Pine Touring, which is Jans’ guide service, Weston Deutschlander has a backstory that is pretty typical of most Jans’ employees – which is not to say that it’s uninteresting or uninspiring.

The Road to Park City

Two days after Weston graduated from college, he drove out to Park City, Utah with a buddy and never left. Coming from a family of ski patrollers, he started out working as a ski instructor at the Canyons Resort. When summer rolled around and Weston got a taste of mountain biking in Park City, he began to work nights at restaurants so he could play full time during the days. “I realized how awesome it was here and decided it was probably the best place ever,” says Weston. Back East, he used to ride hard-tail bikes off picnic tables and break them. Biking here was so much better than that.

How Guiding Became a Passion

A few years later, Weston’s wife, Shaun Raskin, introduced him to guiding bike tours and rock climbing tours with White Pine Touring. Now Weston does everything from helping people learn to ride a bike for the first time, to showing former pro mountain bikers around the extensive Park City trail system. Weston looks at guiding as an opportunity to share the great outdoors with a wide variety of people, and loves to see how much joy they get out of being in the mountains.

One really special guiding experience Weston remembers was taking a family that had never before been in the mountains up to Cliff Lake in the Uinta National Forest. The kids were so excited to see everything, that they were exhausted by the end of the day. Weston gave one of the little guys a piggy back ride down to the trailhead, and the toddler fell asleep on the way.

Group of people mountain biking through lush green vegetation

Living in Paradise

In addition to guiding, Weston is also a professional telemark skier in the winter, a Jans Athlete Team Member, and a guest blogger for jans.com. In the summer, he can be found cross country mountain biking on Park City’s 400+ miles of trails, or downhill biking at the Canyons and at Deer Valley. Weston enjoys the mountain recreation lifestyle to the fullest, and considers himself lucky to get to share it with visitors. He bikes and skis as much as he possibly can, and sometimes gets paid for it – “making the most of living in paradise.”
Kendall Fischer , Content Writer