Escape to Park City

Escape to Park City

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Its 7:00am, you are just starting to greet the day. Faint memories of dreams of mountain views, flowing single track and you on your bike swirl around your head. You close your eyes for a couple more minutes hoping to hold onto these precious images. When you awake you walk to the window and come to the realization that it’s not a dream. You’re in Park City, Utah and you are there to ride!

As cyclists we enjoy the journey. For the most part that’s what riding is, a journey. Sometimes there is a destination and sometimes the ride itself is the destination. This taste for the journey is what keeps cyclists seeking new adventures, new trails and new mountains to explore. Some may even call it an escape….

This year cyclists will have the chance to escape to Park City, Utah to make their single track dreams come true. Bicycling Magazine’s “Escape to Park City” will be making memories for a lifetime August 22nd to the 25th. Cyclists will get to explore 400 + miles of single track while enjoying luxury accommodations at Stein Eriksen Lodge and meals in many of the Zagat rated restaurants in Park City.

The Escape will lead riders on a three and a half day journey through the trails of Park City. From flowing trail through sage brush meadows to alpine single track, riders will escape everyday life to experience the joys of riding IMBA’s first and only Gold Level Ride Center. Each ride will be led by the expert guides from White Pine Touring to ensure dreams become realities, not nightmares.

And the best thing about the Escape to Park City is that I get to share my passion and inside knowledge about the trails that I ride daily. I’ve guided in the mountains of Park City for almost a decade, and I still think the riding is better here than anywhere else I have explored, it’s still my first choice of adventure. And, it’s getting better all the time. For this year’s Escape to Park City we’re going to hit some of my favorite rides including the Flying Dog Loop, the Mid-Mountain Trail, Scott’s Bypass and many others.

So, join us. Pack your bags and leave the everyday behind. Escape to Park City and let me guide you along your journey to creatingan adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime. It’s all ready and waiting; 400 + miles of single track, luxury living high in the mountains and incredible meals. The only thing missing is you…

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Scott House
JANS Ltd. Communications Director