Deer Valley Opening Day

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First chair has never been that important to me. The coveted throne sought out by many was just never worth waking up that early. However, I do look forward to opening day, at just about any ski resort. Everybody is out and having fun with plenty of smiles all around. Opening day is also usually the unofficial beginning of winter for many people. And in a town like Park City, this is a cause for major celebration. Deer Valley Ski Resort does it a little differently by opening late, usually the first weekend in December. Why the wait? Because Deer Valley believes in holding out for winter snowstorms prior to opening day. And this year, the snow has definitely come. And you should know that Deer Valley’s Opening Day exceeds expectations of any other opening day!

Opening Day

It was bitter cold and windy. If I can recall correctly, the windchill brought the temperature down to -18 degrees. That’s cold! Above I said something about ‘smiles all around’ but I’ll be honest, the smiles were hidden behind face masks and balaclavas. Terrain wise, Deer Valley had a lot open. These last few storms that have rolled through the Wasatch Mountains dropped quite a bit of snow. That combined with the fact that Deer Valley is so good at making snow allowed them to open up 15 runs right off the bat. A particular favorite of mine, Big Stick, is nice and steep and great for laying over long, fast turns.

We were primed to ski at 9:30 a.m. I strapped on my trusty Atomic Theory skis and new Fischer Vacuum ski boots. The cold was biting but whatevs, we are tough mountain people that can handle anything. But seriously, after an hour my toes were completely frozen over. So my girlfriend and I headed to the Silver Lake Lodge at Deer Valley to warm up before we headed out for more.

The Deer Valley Difference

Deer Valley really makes skiing fun and convenient. Their service is impeccable. For families you can’t beat skiing at Deer Valley. Their ski instructors are all professionals that will really truly make you a better skier. Deer Valley’s numerous lodges exceed expectations. They have a comfortable, homey feel that you just don’t get at other ski resorts. And the food! Oh man, so much good food to choose from. This isn’t your typical burgers and stale fries menu. Deer Valley food is world renowned. Their famous turkey chili, cookies, hot chocolate, and fancy gourmet meal options go deep. Being the poor ski bum that I am, chowing down at Deer Valley is an awesome treat. And there is always a welcoming face providing great service and directions when you need it.

Jans at Snow Park Lodge

If you get the chance to check out Deer Valley, don’t skip the skiing that leads right into the Snow Park Lodge. It offers a ton of great terrain suited for seasoned experts and beginners alike. Jans even has a shop there to help anyone out. Located right in Deer Valley’s Snow Park Lodge, our Expert staff can help you out with ski boots, skis, jackets, ski pants, hats, gloves, goggles and everything else under the skiing sun. You can even take advantage of our ski test program and get out on the latest and greatest skis from Fischer, Atomic, K2, Head, and many more.

Yep my day was complete. From saying hi to the shop guys to eating great food and of course skiing some awesome snow, Deer Valley takes the idea of a ski resort and ups the level, exceeding any and all expectations.

Oh and the picture above is from day two at Deer Valley. We’ve had some nice snow in the Wasatch!

Paul Boyle, Marketing Specialist