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“Change is Easy,” Smith Optics Pivlock Sunglasses

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Smith Optics invented interchangeable sunglasses. Now, just like your ski goggles, you can swap out sunglass lenses to adapt to different light conditions. And the peak of all that innovation so far is the Pivlock family. The Smith Pivlock sunglasses are a high performance piece of technical eye wear that utilize TLT carbonic lenses, Evolve planet friendly materials and construction, and a variety of lens tints to handle any sort of light conditions.

From running marathons, cyclocross racing, or ripping trails after work, the Pivlock sunglasses Smith eyewear family are rated to handle the extremes. Whether you drop them on the ground while switching shoes in a triathlon or crash during an enduro race, they have been designed and built to handle the test of time.

The Pivlocks come in four models: the V2, V2 Max, V90 and V90 Max. These models vary in frame size, performance lens options, and size. So be sure to try the Pivlocks on for size and lens options to be sure they are right for you.

What is Pivlock?

“Change is Easy.” Smith’s patent pending interchangeable lens system utilizes an easy-to-use temple and lens interface that lets you literally pivot the arm 45 degrees and pull the lens away without damage. This feature has been engineered to minimize weight while providing a secure fit. And the adjustable nose-piece comes away cleanly as well, making swapping lenses quick and efficient. All of the Smith Pivlock sunglasses, incorporate this feature, which is why they are some of the top rated sport sunglasses on the market.

Pivlock Lens

Our pair of test Pivlocks, the V2 model in a Pacific Blue frame, came with three lenses. A low light yellow mirror for overcast days, a darker lens for bright days, and a standard clear lens for everything inbetween.  All three lenses are polarized TLT carbonic. TLT stands for Tapered Lens Technology and carbonic means they are tough as nails by the highest of standards.

The TLT lenses eliminate distortion caused by light coming through a curved lens. By making the lenses thicker in the middle and thinning out toward the sides, or tapering, light goes into your eye in a uniform fashion for better optical clarity.

Carbonic lenses have been engineered to handle harsh impacts. That means your Pivlock lenses can be abused. So when you’re wearing them, you can put all you’ve got into your activity with the confidence that you will have striking visual clarity as well as superb eye protection.

If you decide to go with Pivlock sunglasses, the carbonic TLT lenses come in a variety of options. From polarized to polarchromic, there is a lens option for your needs.

Riding with Pivlock

Smith graciously let me borrow a pair of Pivlock V2’s. Ideal for the small to medium faces, they didn’t fit me to well. I have a big head. But once I put them on I noticed a big difference right from the get-go. I took them out on an after work bike ride with a friend who likes to ride fast and is tricky to keep up with. The trails were tacky and the sun was out; the perfect scenario to test a pair of technical Smtih sunglasses.

I could easily make out variances in the trail. And the ventilation was incredible. Not once did I have an issue with the Pivlocks. The nose-piece was comfortable on the bridge of my nose. I didn’t need to swap out lenses but I wanted to see how easy it was. After a quick second reviewing how to do it wit the included instructions I was happily on my way with the clear lens. It was a no-brainer by all means.

And the Pivlocks look great. The shape of the lens and frameless design makes them scream performance. While Pacific Blue (shown in the photo above) is not necessarily my color, I was stoked to have a great looking piece of eyewear for my ride.

And in all honesty I did eat it. I laid my brand new bike over in some rocks and bushes and went straight to my face. It didn’t feel great. But the Pivlocks handled the crash just fine. Not a scratch. I’d definitely run them again and am looking forward using them on Park City’s awesome trails this summer.

– Paul Boyle, Marketing Specialist