Best Rock Climbing in the World

Best Rock Climbing in the World

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The best rock climbing in the world is not a definitive discussion; it comes down to opinion and whom you are talking to.  It could be the wall of a bridge abutment, a local gym, or a local crag.  The best climbing in the world is the route or problem you are on right now.

My criteria for the Best Rock Climbing in the world has to do with scenery, quality of rock, safety and whether or not the route challenges you. That being said, there are a few stand out locations that are deemed “classics” and are revered more than others in the climbing community.

In North America a few standout rock climbing locations would be: Shawangunks (New Paltz, NY), Yosemite (Yosemite, CA), and Indian Creek (Moab, UT).  Each one of these areas is a world-class climbing destination with their own unique flavor.  The Gunks (Shawangunks) boast hard trad climbing in close proximity to New York City, while Yosemite is the mecca for big wall epics and Indian Creek has some of the best crack climbing in the world.

Thailand is also a major rock climbing destination for Asia, as well as the world.  It features easy access to pristine limestone while still being close to the cities and beaches.  Be sure to check out this amazing video showcasing the limestone, the culture and the people.

In Europe, Kalymnos Greece is a spectacular location with over 1000 bolted routes with close proximity to the beach.  Sardinia Italy also is not to be missed because of its wide variety of sport and trad routes. This little slice of heaven has something for everyone.

The true beauty of rock climbing is different for everyone and can often change with time.  Go out, explore, get shutdown, succeed, fail and create your own top places to climb in the world.  To get a head start and to make sure you know the basics visit and book your White Pine Touring guided rock climbing tour today.

By Weston Deutschlander White Pine Touring Guide & JANS Athlete Team Member