Best New Fly Rods of 2014

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With the arrival of spring, a new fly fishing season is upon us so we decided to introduce three of our favorite new fly rods of 2014. Each of these rods comes from a respected company with a reputation for quality. All are completely new fly rods with unique characteristics and features. Whether you are a novice angler looking for a reliable all-around performer or a globe-trotting destination fly fisherman searching for distance and accuracy, one of these rods is sure to fit the bill and find a place in your quiver of fish-catching favorites. Each comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Best for Hi-tech Affordability: Redington Vapen Red

Cork grips have a long-standing tradition in fly fishing and because they’re all very similar anglers don’t give them much thought. With the Vapen Red, Redington has updated and improved fly rod grip performance with new hi-tech materials, bucking tradition but enhancing both comfort and power. Teaming up with Winn Grips, a noted golf club grip designer, Redington developed the Power Grip. This non-slip polymer grip amplifies power, transferring more energy into the rod during casts. Additionally, it reduces fatigue for all-day comfortable handling. The custom logo on the Power Grip looks pretty sharp as well. The high tech, yet affordable features don’t stop with the grip and include Redington’s X-Wrap graphite technology, which adds strength and dampens vibration to further enhance casting capability. Carbon fiber and anodized aluminum reel seats, alignment dots and hook keepers round out the features of this affordable fly rod. Tradition is an important part of fly fishing but sometimes new technology creates an opportunity to build a better fly rod and Redington’s Vapen Red proves it, all with a price that won’t break the bank.

Redington Vapen Red fly rod
Available in 9ft & 4-12 weight

Best for Fast Action Casting Power: Sage Method

Sage created the original fast-action cannon with their TCX series of fly rods and the Method series takes that to even the next level. For accomplished casters who need to get the most power, distance and accuracy out of their fly rods, the Method is the answer. Dubbed an “ultra-fast action fly rod”, and employing “Konnetic Technology”, the Method was made for anglers who love casting challenges. While this might preclude it from being an ideal beginners’ rod, it is a powerful tool for experienced anglers looking to drive a foam hopper across on a windy day or place a fly right on the nose of a spooky bonefish tailing in the distance.. Konnetic Technology blends new aerospace grade materials in the rod blank with updated manufacturing processes to create a much lighter, smaller diameter rod. This in turn compacts more carbon fiber material and less resin, ultimately creating a noticeably faster action. As with all Sage rods, the fit and finish are superb and only high-quality components are used. Precision casting to a fish swimming quickly towards the horizon is a task made easier with Sage’s Method Fly Rods.

Sage Method series of fly rods, in various weights
Available in 9, 9.5, 10 ft & 4-11 weight

Best Do-It-All Performance: Scott Radian

Scott has been building fly rods in Montrose, Colorado for decades and there is a reason professional fly fishing guides from the Rocky Mountains to the Florida Keys rely on them to get the job done. The new Radian from Scott is already a guide favorite. With impressive versatility, it handles everything from trout on small spring creeks, steelhead in coastal rivers or bonefish cruising the flats. The problem with many fast-action fly rods is that they lack feel and flex, causing some anglers to compare them to a broomstick. Not so with the Radian, which perfectly balances fast-action power for distance with the touch and feel necessary for effortless shorter casts. Scott’s ReAct technology dampens fast-action vibrations creating the touch necessary for the perfect presentation. X-Core advanced composites also enhance feel, stability and strength for smooth, accurate casts, near or far. Titanium SiC stripping guides, top grade cork grips and burled box elder reel seats ensure no feature was overlooked. Power is great, but without a little soul a fly rod just doesn’t completely capture the moment when everything comes together – fish, fly, water and angler. With the Radian, Scott redefines the fly rod to blend fast action with feel for all-around top-notch performance, something every angler can appreciate.

Scott Radian fly rod
Available in 8.5-10 ft & 4-8 weight

Choose a fly rod that best fits the type of fly fishing you’ll be doing. You can’t go wrong with any of these new fly rods of 2014, but casting each of them and finding one that fits your personal style will make the choice simpler. Visit the Jans fly shop on Park Avenue for more information on each of these fly rods and talk to an expert about the features of each before making a decision. Once you’ve got that new fly rod, schedule a casting lesson or guided fly fishing trip at for even more tips and information on how to catch more fish.

Brody Henderson, Content Writer