Best Fly Fishing Rods of 2013 - Sage One and Hardy Zenith

Best Fly Fishing Rods of 2013 – Sage One and Hardy Zenith

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Let’s get one thing out of the way. There is no “best” fly fishing rod on the market. To claim otherwise would be to force personal opinion and preference onto others as undisputed fact. That is the behavior of an egomaniac. Or the dreaded know-it-all. Or worse yet, a Fox news reporter.

There are, however, certain fly fishing rods that stand apart from the rest in terms of two highly sought-after attributes: versatility and value. Jans fly fishing guide, Larry Culley, knows it all (see what I did there) when it comes to fly fishing gear, and here is what he had to say about two of his favorite rods on the market:

Sage One Rod:

As Larry says, the Sage One Rod “is kind of like the SUV of the fly world. Whether you’re in tight in a mountain stream, or pitching heavy streamers out of a boat, this rod can handle it all.”

Thanks to Sage’s Konnetic Technology, the Sage One “offers a lot of power while still providing incredibly precise presentation.” The result is a versatile fly fishing rod that readily meets the demands of highly skilled anglers, while remaining forgiving enough to be used by enthusiastic intermediates.

And as for the value? The Sage One starts at $770.00, meaning it is by no means a cheap piece of equipment, but when weighed against its overall versatility and performance, an incredible fly fishing rod for the price. Easy on the eyes, and with the elite capabilities to match, the Sage One is clearly one of our fly fishing guides’ favorite rods of 2013.

Hardy Zenith Rod:

Starting with a comparatively affordable price tag of $599.00, the 2013 Hardy Zenith fly fishing rod doesn’t sacrifice performance for price. As Larry says, the Zenith’s incredible popularity is in large part thanks to its “ultimate performance at a slightly more modest cost.”

That’s not to say that the Hardy Zenith is a “value rod” in the traditional sense. This fast action fly rod, in fact, provides somewhat shocking power thanks to Hardy’s unique SINTRIX strength technology. As Larry says, “the Zenith always surprises our customers because it’s so light in hand, but still packs a punch.”

From freshwater to saltwater, big game to small fry, the Hardy Zenith can keep up on just about any adventure. It is this synergy of performance, versatility, and cost, that makes the Zenith a notable fly fishing rod in our outstanding lineup.

It’s All About You:

Ultimately, different fly fishing rods work for different people. It sounds painfully obvious, but all too often anglers get caught up in the buzz surrounding the products being aggressively hyped in fly fishing magazines and on company websites. As Larry says, “the best, and only way to find the best fly fishing rod for you, is through touch and feel.” And since Jans has both the Sage One and Hardy Zenith available for demo, you can take them to the river and let the casting speak for itself. For more information about our Fly Fishing Demo program, contact the Jans Fly Shop at 435-649-4949.

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