Best CamelBak Hiking Backpacks

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Ideally the best hiking backpack would be super comfortable to carry, with lots of storage space and hydration capacity, and ultra-lightweight – all at once. But since it’s downright impossible to have all those things at once, we can prioritize based on what type of hiking outing we’re planning on – and CamelBak’s advanced hydration pack technology can help us get as close as possible to the best of all worlds. CamelBak has developed a wide range of hiking backpacks to cater to the various needs of different hiking adventures, from super minimalistic, to technologically advanced with bells, whistles, and more storage space. Below are some of the highlights of their best hiking backpacks available now.

CamelBak is one of my favorite brands for hiking backpacks. Their innovative designs begin with a focus on hydration, and also give great attention to convenient storage and comfort during outdoor activities. CamelBak puts their products through rigorous testing in the developmental stages, so that by the time each product is finalized and made available for purchase, it comes with the industry leading CamelBak Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee.

Lightweight and Minimalistic Hiking Backpack – The CamelBak Hydrobak 50 oz

CamelBak offers hiking backpacks as compact and lightweight as the CamelBak Hydrobak 50 oz with a 1.5 L reservoir and 2.5 L of storage. Great for hour hikes that last an hour and a half or less, this backpack has a short torso, and a low profile design so you’ll barely notice it on your back – but you will appreciate the simple storage. Lightweight mesh straps promote refreshing air flow, while the Diamond Mesh back panel wicks moisture away from the skin to keep your back dry while you’re working up a sweat.

An Innovative Hiking Backpack – The CamelBak Lumbar Reservoir Pack

Shoulder and back strain can be the worst part about carrying a backpack while hiking. So CamelBak solved this problem with a whole new design. The Lumbar Reservoir places the weight of your water on your hips, giving you comfortable stability and more freedom to move.

For more water capacity and more storage in a still fairly lightweight design, CamelBak offers Lumbar Reservoir packs such as the Spark and the Volt, which are their best hiking backpacks for outings that last around 3 hours. These hiking backpacks distribute weight evenly and comfortably across the hips with a compression lumbar reservoir and a broad side wing hip belt. Featuring Ultra-light 3D Mesh Independent Suspension with a Slider Sternum Strap, these packs take pressure off your back yet keep the load close and stable with a low center of gravity provided by the Lumbar Reservoir. Lightweight foam pads the back, which features a chimney vent to promote airflow so your back doesn’t get all sweaty. A stretch overflow pocket is perfect for carrying your extra layer without adding much weight. Also mountain bike compatible, the Volt and Spark both have a bike tool organizer pocket.

The CamelBak Volt Lumbar Reservoir Pack offers a 3 L hydration reservoir and 10 L of storage capacity. With only a 2 L reservoir and 7.5 L of storage capacity, the Spark is a similar but somewhat smaller, women’s specific hiking backpack with the added bonus of Velvetex lining which provides an extra soft feel against your skin.

The Most Breathable Hiking Backpack – The CamelBak NV Back Panel

The NV system, which CamelBak claims is “the most advanced and breathable back panel on the trail,” keeps your hiking pack elevated off your back to allow for multi directional airflow with ventilation channels that run horizontally and vertically. Inspired by the human spine, the CamelBak NV back panel features multiple NV pods that pivot independently for stability and flexibility.

For day hikes, the CamelBak NV hiking backpacks offer a baffled 3 L reservoir for non-sloshy, low profile hydration, a comfortable wide winged hip belt, and some extra storage space with four point compression to keep the pack close and stable. The CamelBak M.U.L.E. NV Pack has an 11 L carrying capacity, while the CamelBak L.U.X.E NV Pack has only 8 L of storage space but features a women’s specific design with soft Velvetex lining for a smooth feel against your skin.

With new technology constantly being developed and refined through serious field testing, CamelBak offers some of the very best hydration backpacks for hiking. To shop more hiking backpacks from CamelBak and other brands such as Osprey and Dakine, visit and discover the best hiking backpack for you.

Kendall Fischer, Content Writer