Alpine Ski Tuning from the Experts at Jans

Alpine Ski Tuning from the Experts at Jans

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The first time I discovered the importance of an alpine ski tune was on a warm spring day at Snowbird when my skis were literally sticking to the snow.  Since I was vacationing from Michigan, where the snow melts before it ever turns to spring-like conditions, I was mildly concerned.  Luckily my husband and father-in-law, both avid Utah shredders, knew to take our skis to the resort’s tuning shop to remedy the problem.  A coat of hot wax later and I was happily ripping the corn snow while working on my goggle tan.

Now that I’m lucky enough to live in Park City permanently, I understand the value of getting my alpine skis tuned regularly.  No more once a year tune ups, instead I try to get them tuned after every five or so days on the snow.  The result?  My skiing isn’t compromised due to varying conditions, and my edges stay razor sharp allowing me to carve like a pro.  And I actually have a shot at keeping up with my hubby on cat tracks and run outs.

Jans offers Season Tune Packages so that the experts at Rennstall, our tuning center, keep your alpine skis in mint condition all season long.  For a flat fee, customers can regularly bring two pairs of skis in for a tune that includes everything from base repair and edge beveling to deburring and detuning or simply a hot wax.  To increase ski longevity, the guys at Rennstall follow one simple rule – they let the ski tell them what it wants.  This means that despite regular tunes, your skis are never overworked and only get exactly what they need on any given day.

You don’t even have to live in Park City to take advantage of this special deal.  Sure, local racers regularly use our Season Tune Package with High End Wax to keep their skis race ready.  But it also makes sense for vacationers to purchase a basic Season Tune Package, depending on how long they are in town, to keep their skis running fast for the entire trip.  After all, mountain weather is by definition uncertain.  In the course of a week, you could be skiing fresh powder, hardpack and even spring corn.  Why not make sure your skis are ready for it all?

Liz Yokubison, Senior Editor of