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2XU Compression Wear Review

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Expert Review

I’m sure I’m not the only athlete who has occasional ‘if only’ moments of fantasizing about what I could achieve if only I were a bit stronger, or had a bit better endurance. Lucky for me, 2XU Compression Wear turns such fantasies into reality.

2XU partners with the Australian Institute for Science to create high performance compression wear that supports muscles and enhances blood circulation. The result is reduced muscle fatigue and increased capacity for muscle power output. The company’s slogan touts the benefits of these products which allow you to: ‘Train smarter, perform stronger, recover faster,’ essentially offering you, ‘Human performance. Multiplied.’

I’ve found the 2XU products to be everything I had hoped they would be, totally living up to these lofty promises. Thanks to the women’s 2XU Thermal Compression Top and the women’s 2XU Compression 3/4 Tight, I now know the joys of extending my strength and endurance. These baselayers are also super versatile; so far I’ve worn them for climbing, skiing, and even dance class.


Technical Features

Uses and benefits based on material and design

What makes 2XU compression wear so effective is the PWX FLEX technology with powerful Invista Lycra fabric that delivers excellent support for muscles and flexibility for unhindered movement. This compression technology is as magical as 2XU describes it to be. It helps my muscles warm up faster and stay warm so that they’re ready to work hard. It also helps my muscles perform with more power than usual, and recover quickly.

I’ve been wearing my 2XU Thermal Compression Long Sleeve Top whenever I go climbing or bouldering because it very noticeably bumps me a couple notches closer to invincible than I normally am.

Before I discovered compression wear, my climbing endurance was usually limited by my forearms getting super pumped (swollen and sore.) The 2XU Thermal Long Sleeve Compression Top addresses this issue with graduated compression through the forearms to increase blood flow and oxygenation of the blood to promote faster recovery. When wearing this top, I can climb for much longer before my forearms become useless.

As you might imagine, the 2XU Compression 3/4 Tight is ideal for skiing because of how it supports your hard-working quadriceps, among other muscle groups. The PWX FLEX material just covers your knees, and the shorter length eliminates the potential for annoying bunching in your ski boots. These tights are so close-fitting and smooth, that it’s easy to add a heavier weight baselayer pant over them for extra warmth on cold ski days.

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The Fit

Comfort and performance

The 3/4 Compression Tights fit so comfortably that I wonder if I should have gotten them in an extra small rather than a small, even though my height and weight put me solidly in the size small block of the 2XU sizing chart. They were so comfortable that I found myself wearing them all day long, whether I was being active or simply lounging.

The body-hugging fit of the Thermal Compression Long Sleeve Top took a bit more getting used to. Compared to most baselayer shirts it’s somewhat difficult to put on – simply because of how tight it is and how strong the material is. At first this top felt a bit restrictive, but after moving around in it, I realized my mobility was actually totally unhindered.

I have a longer than average torso, and I do wish that the torso of this top was longer or just stayed down better. I wouldn’t want to lose the compression performance benefits by going up a size; just to keep my middle covered when I move around. It’s worth noting, that the smooth, snug fit, combined with the excellent performance of both 2XU compression garments, makes me feel like some kind of super hero or demi-god.

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Final Take

Despite my personal, nit-picky fit issues, the performance of both the 2XU Compression 3/4 Tights and the Thermal Compression Long Sleeve Top were nothing short of inspiring. I am totally sold and have already ordered more 2XU compression wear for myself.

Kendall Fischer, Content Writer

Experts Verdict

The fact that these products enable greater muscle performance and endurance, and aid in recovery is very valuable to me. I especially love that the reason 2XU compression clothing helps with my performance is that it is taking care of my muscles – rather than pushing them too hard.

5/5 Technical Features: The PWX FLEX compression material delivers excellent support for your muscles, and the zone-specific graduated compression targets support to where it’s needed most. Plus the material wicks perspiration and dries quickly so you feel fresh; even when you’re working hard.

4 out of 5 rating The Fit: While the tightness of the fit may take some getting used to, it is still comfortable enough to wear post-workout for improved recovery time. I only wish the torso of the top provided better coverage.